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remember when that train got cask of amontillado'd in thomas the tank engine

like it's even worse than a regular CoA cause he has a gap to see the other free trains all the time and they know where he is

@chillallmen The thousand injuries of Henry the Green Engine I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon like, being a regular steam engine who didn't want to get his paint dirty, I vowed revenge.

@chillallmen tbh i feel like the best part of the Cask of Amontillado story is how it's basically like an internet nerd's fanfic about killing a bully but about 200 years before the internet

we never find out just what the heck Fortunado is even guilty of beyond trying to be the narrator's friend and maybe being a little loud sometimes

if Fortunado had been a girl it would be like, straight up incel material lol. just all that seething rage over basically nothing

@chillallmen he serves as a warning to the others, now. you must go out and get dirty. vanity will be rewarded with eternal solitude, for ye who cannot die but only rust. rust there, then, and look upon us

@chillallmen Thomas the Tank Engine is a fascist program, through and through


Tunnels are the most expensive part of a rail system!

So it's not even about money!

The Controller is wasting a fortune to make an example of this engine.

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