ok i think im done now unless i can find the superman one i made but not posted

this is The Worst One i think
not in terms of quality but like, you know

@chillallmen im still irony poisoned and it's not funny that im thinking of the duke nukem prank calls that just spammed "EAT SHIT AND DIE, I'VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL" until a neurodivergent person cried

now i want to just put fucking hellwords in duke's mouth about flickin the click and forgetting to take the spiro and feeling hella tired sleepy salty

@chillallmen have you tried the broken generators?

For example:


(add a hyphen before the name of a regular generator)

@chillallmen When I finally watched a video of that idiot I was astonished by how high pitched his voice was

@sophia @anna i got hooked when that guy earnestly replied to me saying i got 7 antivirus toolbars

@chillallmen @anna it'd be pretty nice of them if they weren't almost always condescending about it

@sophia @anna maybe its the one thing theyre good at and theyre milking it for all its worth

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