Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

church joke 

fragcrates, gamer philosopher: do you own in this game, or does this game own in you

*totally not monster fucker voice* i'm not a monster fucker

ah yes, the friends from friends
hotline bing
jojo's bizarre adventure
pee pee
ranch dressing

If you are what you eat then how come I’m not [squints like old man] processed cheese?

leaving blurry photos of my ass in the woods, so the squatch knows we have common ground

gonna become a bigfoot hunter, standing in the woods doing bigfoor mating calls hoping my big footed husband comes for me

if anyone has used the bathwater in a bong, please dont tell me, id rather live in ignorance

Collecting gamer boy cummies for science experiments

we're not taking it up the ass, we're taking it to the manager

we're not taking it up the ass, we're taking it beyond the ass

Turning up my stereo in the whip showing off to this shawty that I’m listening to Hopsin.

“What’s your favorite Hopsin track?” I ask her eagerly, the

im still like ??? what do you even think is good music with them tho they generally blue screen at what i like too so it evens out

before that it was "they do the words fast but in dutch"

remembering that period my friends had where the mark of a good rapper was "they can do words fast"

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