Rune-enchanted cant

i'm like the sun in that we both are nonbinary stars

Rune-enchanted cant

i have decided that knives are too small to hurt me, if you wish to stand a chance its swords minimum

why is he called donkey kong. he has several characteristics of a kong and zero characteristics of a donkey. thats like if i was called something like Horse Cat

i'm not mad im actually laughing as a coping mechanism to unbridled rage lmao

marxist leninist thought? im calling the marxist leninist thought police wee woo wee woo

do you need a nice refreshing glass of door handle?
oh boy do i have a life hack for you!

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leftism is about policing what leftism is about, the better u police the more leftist it is

I'm the dystopian sorting hat. Boost this and I'll assign you a Hive Mind.

My new product idea! What do you think? cc: @cerret

got my head stuck in the mailbox looking for unsealed envelopes to lick

"got milk" is a deep philosophical query ive been trying to digest for a decade

Nonbinary and trans storm avatars. They're free to use.

#nonbinary #trans #avatars #storm

if u translate bussy to dutch u get "boes" which is funny as fuck cause its also the name of a cartoon about an ox

why do joint rolling papers come in packs of 32 but roaches in packs of 50???

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