chaste tiddy channeled

still can’t believe it every time my partner calls me their girlfriend

sure sex is cool but have you ever exfoliated then shaved with a good razor, after two weeks of shitty razor dysphoria?

hot girl in berlin, ec, smoking 

hot girl in berlin, ec, smoking 

currently 0 for 2 as far as dating relationship anarchists goes

chaste tiddy channeled

take me down to the lesbian city where we all like girls cuz all girls are pretty

close up of mouths, GROSS 


like i'm sure being obviously trans femme will be fine but also i don't want to be even more apparent? something? as an american who doesn't speak german

going to berlin soon and i still haven't decided what clothes to pack/how i want to present


jfk, or as i like to call him, bae of pigs

i am getting too old to be out past midnight twice in one week

ec, i think this is gonna be my best look this year 

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