Rune-enchanted cant

okay so uhh long #introduction 

my dwarf fortress savefile generated a new bofa-style joke

"hey u hear about kisez?" "no whats that"

one time when I was like 13 a selfie of mine got out to some goons and anna was the only person who told everyone to shut up and stop calling me fat. testimonials

hello! I'm back from a convention.

here's a Chaos Magick ritual from 1994, on how to summon an Undine and let her free into the Digital Aether.

gonna rank the coheed and cambria albums this is a longpost 

discourse wilw etc 

cavalier king charles spaniels... 

now whenever I finish a task at work, I open a chest... dang

was thinking of migrating to bofa but like... the cool thing abt mastodon is that I don't need to!

also, the instance I'm on rules

I really love the indepth roleplaying on this MUD even when it requires me to attend ingame lectures on how best to put out forest fires.

I'm not being sarcastic

had a libertarian tell me once that jar jar was the best jedi of all time bc he was asexual

my MUD character ranked up in her guild.... nice

next stop: finding... ancient trees or something


thought about playing minecraft but i guess there's been an update that changes a bunch of mechanics and I just don't feel like trying to learn that right now

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