Rune-enchanted cant

shout out to all my writers who don't want to write original fic but whose work is still valid and valuable!!! y'all are doing great today!!! ✨ ✨ ✨

for my community - i wrote a binder review focusing on how long your binder will last before needing to be replaced -

pan rydych yn cael cawod oer i oeri dy hyn cyn cysgu yn yr noson boeth, ond nad yw'r dŵr yn digon oer 😧

i wrote about my experience last year when I lost access to hormone therapy and gender care -

i wrote about my experience last year when I lost access to hormone therapy and gender care -

every time i come online i have to remember that fash is not slang for fashion here

my dryer recently scorched all my clothes, but the only thing to survive was my "gay like garak" shirt

i'm taking that as a sign

cw: mental health, death mention 

at some point i'm going to be rich enough to have a selection of snacks on hand instead of, like, half a pack of oreos 🙏🍪

i'd love to be a hip cool mastodon user with fully fledged opinions on capitalism and anarchy and full of energy to protest the police state

but honestly i unironically follow two tree bots and streamed Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat the moment i realised it was on netflix so maybe i'm not cut out for that 😂

Seeing stars
chredaf i ddim bod sêr dim ond serennu
sicr maen nhw i gyd raid barnu
ar y ddaear a’i mileindra
dynolryw a’i holl dwpdra
mae n amlwg , taw llawer achos synnu

everytime i see an instance that says it has no moderation, i instinctively go D:

okay gang so now i'm into scorpia ( )/ziyal ( ) and this is a ship i never thought i'd invent but i'm fucking GAY for it

first harvest! also finally got around to partially de-weeding the fae shrine, will finish that probs next weekend 👍

if we played soviet music from the red alert games during protests we would have stormed the white house and destroyed the pentagon years ago

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