in the good timeline we have communism and triangle trains

the one time i got a rush limbaugh book for christmas Show more

cursed food Show more

does the pitter patter of tiny feet not haunt your every waking moment?

us public school / gun violence Show more

hellboy is great because most of it is all GOTHIC and EDGY but the rest is like this

where do i apply to become a melania trump body double

chronic illness/complaining Show more

so @yawn and i are on a plane together (long story) the pilot comes over the intercom and says there are “non-uniformed service members” on the plane and to give the a round of applause

we immediately looked at each other like YURT and didn’t clap

animal abuse wtf??? Show more

this old bitty on front of me in the plane keeps bothering this guys service dog i’m about to molly wop her shit

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