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stardew valley livetooting 

stardew valley livetooting 


i think this is my first time seeing anything like this in a GameCube game
this shit's wild

okay, time to do a sleep speedrun. I should probably be up around noon-ish to go run errands.

trying something new! I've always had a hard time filling an entire notebook because I didn't know how to organize it, so I'm gonna try dividing the pages up into sections. markers are roughly 10-20 pages after the previous marker. hopefully this will make it easier to keep specific topics together!

so I'm reading about ritual circles and how their containment of energy is useful but all i can think of is

the LA county libraries had a copy of this and I've been waiting for almost two weeks for it to be ready for pickup. so excited to read it!!

I want to fucking throw hands when I see a promoted tweet that isn't even an ad. I don't even know who my anger is directed towards. do I wanna punch the CEO of the company promoting this tweet? do I wanna punch OP for paying to promote their stupid tweet? I dunno!

android customization 

hello! im new here and i love everything about this instance so far. i hope i can be half as cool as some of the people here someday!

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