Why... Why is there a single bat enemy from classic MegaMan at the beginning of "Armored Armadillo's level" yet all the others are the same ones in the rest of the game? It has annoyed me ever since I first played MegaMan X years ago.

@bumbervevo @Darkness_89 I also like it, but I think they could have used the sprite on all bats to make the stage a great reference. :blobcatthinking:

@LoveyApprentice @bumbervevo that's one thing that always made me wonder? was that a reference or did they switch bat sprites and forgot about that one bat?



I never really thought about it, but I guess that is kinda strange to go through the trouble of creating an entirely new enemy that's used only once throughout the game. I don't think that classic bat ever shows up again outside of that one instance, does it?

Enter discipleship

@Darkness_89 @LoveyApprentice
(not entirely new, but to have an enemy that's only used once is pretty strange)

@bumbervevo @LoveyApprentice true, it's not like a special event or a bonus challenge enemy.

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