realizing that i rly love combat games that take a "less is more" philosophy, giving you a single set of actions that are available to you at all times and having a huge focus on technique i guess? its hard to put into words, but there are a handful of games I enjoy deeply for certain reasons.

I love monster hunter because the actions you have when using a certain weapon don't change as you level up; any given starting weapon has the same set of attacks as its end-game variants, and for the most part, these attacks are distinct and have a clear purpose. thanks to these two aspects, after playing with a given weapon for a while, you'll understand which attacks should be used how and when, even without looking up a guide.

Enter discipleship

this mostly came up bc ive been playing pso2 with a friend and wondering why i didnt enjoy it as much and i think its mostly bc the overwhelming number of skills that you're given. it feels like you spend a lot of your time early and mid game figuring out skill trees/learning PAs/looking for better equipment. i mostly just feel useless until i get better weapons lol

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