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time for comfy dungeonsynth and some gud reads on my new (old) Kindle :ablobcatmelt:

@bumbervevo I've wanted to get one like you got with backlight but my Kindle 3 still works, so I can't bring myself to replace it... I love that Kindle with it's full keyboard so no greasy screen from touching to type.

honestly, I'd probably upgrade to something a bit higher end than a Paperwhite 3. it's nice since I got it virtually for free, but if I paid for it, I'd be just a little disappointed. I'd probably look into a Fire tablet, or even a Kobo reader. the newer Kindles also have much nicer backlights, from what I've heard.

@bumbervevo yeah the Kindle Fire is great I actually have one I couldn't pass it up it is relatively cheap normally but I got it on sale last year at BJ's for like $30. I mainly use that one for night reading.
IMO the e-ink Kindles are best since it's like reading paper and they last muuuuch longer than a tablet on a single charge.

yeah, the displays are suuuuper nice. the only issue is that anything that isn't in .epub or .mobi can be a bit difficult to read. manga and some PDFs are pretty much out of the question, since zooming in is painful.

@bumbervevo yep manga is a pain on Kindles. Still you can always convert ebooks using Calibre... Legally no DRM cracking 😌

yup, had a whole stash of PDFs and ebooks that I sent to my Kindle with calibre. it's really really nice, honestly. I don't mind having a dedicated device for this type of content.

@bumbervevo you use the app Cloudlibrary? It's just great on a phone with free ebooks and audiobooks.

I haven't! I'll have to look into that. I've been using Overdrive for free ebook rentals from my library.

@bumbervevo that's what Cloudlibrary does it's content from the local library.

oh shit, this looks awesome!! thanks for the link!

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