Enter discipleship

got an old ass 2-in-1 tablet PC
it's running Windows atm (cuz im not sure if its actually mine??) but I'll eventually load :archlinux: onto it (if it is mine)
but for now... time for some vertical goodness

turns out its not actually mine, unfortunately :blob_cry:
(it probably just would have sat around being useless anyways)

i just looked this up since i never heard of it and it sounds... strange

@bumbervevo @reitrace every time I try to explain a shmup to someone I cite Galaga, but even though it's a classic I feel like nobody born after 1998 has heard of it.

that's a good point. I can't think of a modern alternative that has as much popularity as Galaga.

@reitrace @bumbervevo
I can't believe someone else has heard of it! Puts the later entries (Galaga 88 etc.) to shame as well.

That being said, my fav Namco shmups are F/A, Dangerous Seed, and Metal Hawk.
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