tomorrow's stream will start sometime in the evening with a playthrough of Cave Story! I'll post about an hour before I go live. I'd be so thankful for any contributions, whether you're watching, donating, or sharing my stream with your friends!

hi friends! i will be doing charity streams starting tomorrow that will continue until next Sunday. my donation goal is $150, and 100% of donations will go to Campaign Zero. if the goal is reached, I will match 50% of the total donations by the end of the 14th to donate to the NAACP.
there will also be giveaways throughout the week for's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which has a staggering 742 games, including games like Night in the Woods and Oxenfree! all you have to do is join and type !giveaway.

this mostly came up bc ive been playing pso2 with a friend and wondering why i didnt enjoy it as much and i think its mostly bc the overwhelming number of skills that you're given. it feels like you spend a lot of your time early and mid game figuring out skill trees/learning PAs/looking for better equipment. i mostly just feel useless until i get better weapons lol

I love monster hunter because the actions you have when using a certain weapon don't change as you level up; any given starting weapon has the same set of attacks as its end-game variants, and for the most part, these attacks are distinct and have a clear purpose. thanks to these two aspects, after playing with a given weapon for a while, you'll understand which attacks should be used how and when, even without looking up a guide.

realizing that i rly love combat games that take a "less is more" philosophy, giving you a single set of actions that are available to you at all times and having a huge focus on technique i guess? its hard to put into words, but there are a handful of games I enjoy deeply for certain reasons.

is it really so bad to just wanna play dragon quest and watch anime and read manga and listen to music all day

personal, noadvice 

personal, noadvice 

noadvice, rant, cool leg 

noadvice, rant, cool leg 

tfw no japanese to english subs on a video so you have to translate auto-generated subtitles into english

i have a whole ass debate and a test tomorrow and im absolutely not ready for either
osu! ruined me

i dont know if its just my own perception of their texts, but all my friends sound so much grumpier nowadays lol
i guess it's reasonable

so I just now found out about osu!lazer and holy FUCK it's so nice to not have to play with shitty Windows latency or to have to rely on WINE for everything
wiring that shit through JACK and I got an S on a song I was struggling to get an A on
i was so sure that my timing just sucked ass and I needed to work n that. nice to know that's not the case

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bumbervevo channeled
bumbervevo channeled

Compare that to now, when games take exponentially more money and time to make in order to feed the ever-hungry beast that is visual fidelity expectations - where every big game could actually make or break a studio.

Thank goodness we at least have indies now.

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I was thinking about what leftist memes would look like if done in the style of one of those right-wing tshirt backs with the eagle and mess of typography and then this happened

sorry not sorry

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