Rune-enchanted cant

"Nothing can be so firmly bound, neither by illness, nor by wrath or fortune, that cannot be released by ." -Aelius Aristides

Rune-enchanted cant

Hi Instance! A little about me...

I'm and I live in

My beliefs/practices include

I'm interested in art as magic, performance as ritual, and and I'm (slowly) learning more about

Other interests include

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this is your 19th Daily Duck for Daily Duck December. it's a big one. look at this fucking unit. fucking look at it

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~Retoot this. If I am. The goodest. Of the boys.~

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I'll tell all of you what I tell my nymphs when they have a bad day, do not perform well in a game of hunting, or get rejected by another:

You must breathe through the pain, but you also must try to not make things more difficult for you. Suffering is difficult, but not a crime, nor a bad deed. Reject the guilt that comes for not constantly performing happiness and productivity.

pagan musing 

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It's my partner's birthday today, if you want to wish @soybomb44 a happy birthday, toot him the plot of your favorite Poirot book/episode/fanfic/fanfic that you wrote in your brain just now

Shout-out to Hermes for helping me get to the tire shop without a blowout

UPG: Hermes and Dionysos collaborated to inspire the invention of the hip flask

Talking to the cards in the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle in the cutesy voice I use to address flesh-and-blood animals: extremely inappropriate, or the most appropriate?

How will I ever choose a cider for my Fall Equinox ritual?

Northern hemisphere: Happy Fall! 🍁🍂
Southern hemisphere: Happy Spring! 🌱🌷

Crowdfunding campaign for an oracle deck based on stories of heroines traveling through Other worlds, check it out:


A monthly lecture series on Gnosticism AND it's free AND it's within reasonable traveling distance from my home?

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An online occult course that teaches you how to be Special Agent Dale Cooper, please and thank you

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:drake_dislike: FASCISM

:drake_dislike: CURRENCY

:drake_like: ZOOLOGY

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j҉̴̀i͠zz̀͜w͏i̴͡t̷͞c̴h̴ j҉̴̀i͠zz̀͜w͏i̴͡t̷͞c̴h̴
yes papa?
hexing dicks off?
no papa
telling lies?
no papa
open ur hexed dick cupboard
*a fuckload of dicks falls out*

misgendering/existential crisis 

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