eye contact, selfie, sfw 

ancestor work 

This is the first time a chart mystified me.

Or maybe its just my fatigue.

"Why is my magic not manifesting as I intended?"

A teacher told me to make my life enchantable.

Three card readings from the 40 servants for $3. If you're unsure, you can ask me if its a valid question before sending the payment. Paypal only, send to paypal.me/johny333.

A thousand thanks.

Absent of any context, this would be a pretty decent draw for a quick read on a post-rite working, right?

Requesting a second opinion @ElectricAsherah please, and many thanks.

hanging, crushing, etc. 


May you hear this message and receive the benefits of this small spell when you need it the most: you are valid, loved, and enough.

Lux, friends.

Some old notes on an equally old, practically unused notebook


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