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If there are aliens out there why the fuck haven't they picked me up yet. I'm waiting. Call me.

there are 3 kinds of people who self describe as Norse pagans. people really into heavy metal, people who are trying to create a personality for themselves out of a religion nobody has earnestly practiced in 600 years, and nazis

Happy Solstice, especially to witches, pagans, and anyone for whom this day has special meaning. May your fortunes increase this turn of the wheel!

i think i wanna try growing a small flower or vegetable for yule! I don't know of any festivals or events that are happening near me, and I can't perform any rituals to celebrate, so this seems like a good way for me to participate :blobcatsip:

thank goodness cats emit serotonin they are my little angels of happy

i deadass could say cheese from across the apt n salem will walk up like " someone say CHEESE???"

Think I might use the Dec 26th eclipse/new moon to curse fucking Mitch McConnell.

Plans for the solstice:
Tomorrow it will be way too cold to do any sort of outside ritual, but Sunday it will be in the 40s even after dark. That's when I'll do my whole burn incense, thank Satan, and look forward to the new year. :blobwitchsmile:

Time to play "Is this the thing that will finally get liberals to stop trying to tell me about how great JK Rowling is" or "Is this the thing that will mass convert legions of liberals into a transmisogynistic cult because they identify too strongly with wizard cop books for kids".

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

Why should I do a capitalism when I can simply be a cat???

🎶 oh i'm happy, oh so happy, so happy that trump is impeached 🎶 :kirby_happy:

does anyone else get this really strong derealization/depersonalization after astral projecting, or is it just me? Like, it takes me maybe 5 minutes before I feel "real" and myself again...

settler shit 

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