This was my first year doing Reddit secret Santa and HOOOLLYYY SHHHITTT did I get some awesome gifts!

Cursing George Zimmerman 

The following are a couple of sigils I designed for mental health.

The first is "soft, gentle, patient with yourself"

Native American genocide 

here's a sigil for health and well-being to draw on your med bottles

this is a sigil to help stop anxiety when you've got things to do

dysphoria mention 

I want to enhance my divination abilities, so I made a lil' magic sachet thingy...
Ingredients: carnelian, chrysocolla, mugwort, cinquefoil, juniper berries
It's for opening my third eye and such.

I think we can all agree that the least-fuckable cryptid are these little dudes... no arms? no faces? c'mon, boring

RIP Lorraine Warren. Hope the afterlife treats you well and you're reunited with your beloved Ed.

I bought this shirt at Hot Topic today. The clerk who was this super nice (queer?) guy covered in tats with huge gauges in his ears was like "I love this shirt so much, I bought one as soon as they came in!" I go "well it's ironic because I actually do this." Fun times.

You ever wonder what the fry cook of hell looks like? Now you know.

dysphoria mention 

if anyone could draw me this except with a Baphomet instead of the stick person and wouldn't mind me using it on a t-shirt, I would love you forever...

white supremacy, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, eye contact 

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