Rune-enchanted cant

Just a PSA: I usually don't put NSFW things on this account, but they are here occasionally, so please don't follow if under 18.

weird how nearly all of the major figures in Christian history were virulent antisemites regardless of which flavor of Christianity they were

I wonder what this says about "Judeo-Christian" culture :thinking_upsidedown:

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I can't post this on my main for some reason, but it's too good not to share:

Ozzy Osbourne's new music video depicts a bunch of badass punks fighting riot police

But I know death work is crucial right now because I had quite the uncomfortable outburst on my main and stopped myself and realized "this is my trauma talking."

I feel particularly hung up on my bio mother never getting to meet me. It hurts. If anyone has any recommendations for sigils, meditations, any other technique for grief, please let me know.

I'm still doing the herbal medicine thing, btw. Yarrow tea has been rubbed a particularly nasty, scabby wound and it feels much better.


Beseeching a demon to restore peace in the Middle East 

Beseeching a demon to restore peace in the Middle East 

Cursing Mitch 

Cursing Mitch 

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Can anyone shed some light or share some experiences in working with "high vibrating" crystals? Considering buying a scolecite to help open my third eye more, but a little intimidated.

Assembled on this website are many people, from many different backgrounds, who have all been described as "clever, but a bit odd"

Planning on working on my throat, third eye, and crown energy centers this year. Went to my witch shop and bought crystals accordingly.

If there are aliens out there why the fuck haven't they picked me up yet. I'm waiting. Call me.

i think i wanna try growing a small flower or vegetable for yule! I don't know of any festivals or events that are happening near me, and I can't perform any rituals to celebrate, so this seems like a good way for me to participate :blobcatsip:

thank goodness cats emit serotonin they are my little angels of happy

i deadass could say cheese from across the apt n salem will walk up like " someone say CHEESE???"

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