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Just a PSA: I usually don't put NSFW things on this account, but they are here occasionally, so please don't follow if under 18.

here's a sigil for health and well-being to draw on your med bottles

I bought a 2020 planner and holy shit, next year's Samhain is a full moon!!

this is a sigil to help stop anxiety when you've got things to do

Boost if you've ever had some asshole tell you based upon some belief or method you use in your craft that "you make all witches/pagans/occultists" look bad. Trying to prove a point.

Sorry but Halloween decorations go up September 1st and don't come down until at *least* January 1st that's just how it is I don't make the rules.

I have a cashapp now. It’s $JourneiGr if anyone wants to slid some change my way.

dysphoria mention 

ummmm so i really really hate having to fucking do this but i got a flat tire this morning and had to get two new tires for my car. it came out to be a little over $300 and i have no way to pay except for my credit card which is reaching its limit. i literally have $50 in my bank account and $100 in cash after i paid rent and that’s all i have for the next 4 months. please please help me..... i’m so sorry i have to do this. please only donate if you have the money to spare!!

my paypal link is:

pls don’t doxxxxxx me kthx

butternut squash sounds more like an innuendo than it does a vegetable

Requesting magical help 

September 1st means the start of halloween merch starting with this cool n vibrant pumpkin soft patch🎃
get it here:

Pickles reigns from atop her pillow throne. All hail Pickles the Cat!


there be a storm blowing outside! here's an emoji charm to harness the wind and blow some creativity your way.


death mention 

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