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Just a PSA: I usually don't put NSFW things on this account, but they are here occasionally, so please don't follow if under 18.

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I had a messed up dream about this village overtaken by a stalker type Eldritch creature and the dark slavic god Chernobog was gathering a party to take a train there to go fight it. I joined the group but before we departed I was like "Sod this" and bottled it leaving the group

last christmas, i gave you my heart, but the very next day, u used it in a blood ritual to awaken an elder god

this came up on my weather app and it’s the best thing I’ve seen all week

~super worm moon~

This late stage capitalism Is making me sick, you can't even knock on somebody's door without being recorded by Amazon. These smart home devices are an invasion of privacy and you're literally buying your freedom away.

America has always been a prison of bigotry, but it was brushed off as a sideshow in the age of LiveJournal, 4chan and Something Awful.

The only difference is that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are much more popular and pushed bigotry to the forefront every day for ad revenue. And still people insist it is just a sideshow. Its not.

Its always been here. You’re just uncomfortable.

weed forums are great cause it's just people being like "got high, did x, good time"

So I've been watching ASH vs. EVIL DEAD on Netflix and they depicted Eligos like a cross between the Pale Man and the Demigorgon. :angery:

Me: *walks around inside a torched house for a half an hour, doesn't smell*
Me: *stands over burning herbs for 10, 15 minutes tops, smells like a campfire, it's in my hair*

HAPPY OSTARA :witch_hat:

I'm going outside to burn some incense and do some cleansing after lunch, after dinner I'll set up for the full moon! 🌕

Well, it’s Ostara! In my rite it’s a minor holiday with a complex name & some old tainted memories, but I have come to look forward to it more & more each year. My observance will remain lowkey today, but I’m stoked that the full moon coincides. 🌕

transplanted my girlfriends baby this morning for ostara!! it’s sitting in this nice bowl i made in fifth grade (over 10 years ago WOW!!!). and i thought it was fitting because it is summer themed with a beach ball on the bottom and suns all around it :blobheartcat:

Oh snap, it's Ostara. Time to plant new, positive seeds.

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