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also to the accusation I'm trying to sell commissions or I have some personal vendetta against anna
- I do sell commissions but I even unpinned my work before this all started
- I have a ft job lol
- I was friends with anna up until the moment I left and she knows I have no "personal vendetta" against her??? I chose to leave

according to the person that Haps sent racist slurs to (ill call her P for her anonymity so yall cant harass her) , in the aftermath of calling out anna for her being complicit and anna getting mad at P for "screenshot dunking," P received death threats and threats to call ICE on P's immigrant family members. these are Anna's supporters.

anyways i smell bad and have a caffeine migraine im logging off for now

and I brought this up to anna months in advance that I didnt feel safe with haps on this instance (I cant find it but I did send them a message)

we all tried to tell her that being mad at popstar for screenshotting the harassment against them was fucked up. you ask people for proof but then when we provide it, we are bad for screenshot dunking? (edited to remove identity of people who have nothing to do with the situation)

@bewitchyourmind @bruja oh fuck bitch I didn't realize this was you until now
power move holy shit I'm amazed

Anna kept Haps (the person who was a mentally ill tradwife who made transphobic and racist comments) because she thought it was funny to watch her meltdowns and she did not care that Haps was toxic and dangerous to her users

I'm saying this *as a previous mod and friend to anna*

Anna was given multiple chances and each time she took it with zero real effort, made jokes, and used latinx and POC who were friends with her to shield herself from criticism

I am furious. I will not sit by while she LIES and conveniently forgets things.

Meta, racism, thread 

Meta, racism, thread 

Meta, racism, thread 

white women be like "I dont appreciate being called a racist because after a year of criticism against my racist admin i continued to ignore it bc Witch Aesthetic"

On multiple occasions Anna has been told she was doing wrong in constructive ways and refused to self reflect and instead reacted in anger toward people telling her she messed up. Chalking it up to us "cancelling" her isn't right. She's been given chances time and time again and refuses to change

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