hey so if y'all have seen the post, you'll know that i'm gonna help admin witches.live. i know that the whole situation AND how it was handled with the racial slurs was awful and unacceptable and i want witches.live to do better than that in the future. for now i'll be keeping both this account but maining on radtown @witchy@radical.town but feel free to contact me on both instances if you have any issues. like anna said i 100% have and will continue to call her on her shit and make this a better place, since a lot of people on here deserve a space where they feel safe and heard and validated.

Enter discipleship

@witchy@radical.town if anyone wants to voice their concerns or whatever, please feel free to contact me or @Dionysus about it!

@bewitchyourmind @Dionysus

cool! i guess my present concern is that as of this afternoon Anna is presenting a rather dishonest version of events and seemingly doesn't understand or won't acknowledge why people became or remain upset.

are you making progress on explaining any of that to her? or is your new role as moderators meant to deflect and substitute for any personal growth? thank you.

@Dionysus @jackdaw_ruiz Yeah I brought it up to the attention of the entire admin group that making cancelled jokes is def not fucking okay. This is also why I'm keeping my new radtown account because I'm letting the change be ultimately on her back but me and Dio are here to point her in the right direction and directly point this out as well as be a go-between for those who bring these issues up with her, so they don't feel she's just going to dismiss them or they can remain anonymous.

Also I've been MIA for most of today and yesterday due to family stuff so if you have anything you think I havent seen, dm me.

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