@evan the headline is bad but it's basically saying there will be no more strict genres

@bewitchyourmind @evan tbh, it may be bad for the people who actually like to Label / sort their Music into Genres, but I personally like it. I know, many Musicians can just break out of their Genre whenever they want, but if genres in general are only "half" existing, many artists may be more inclined to /actually/ break out of their current genres

@bewitchyourmind @LuigiEsq in what world is Billy Relish making Hybrid-Genre music

@bewitchyourmind ok but that song about horses is a yeehaw banger i'm so proud of them

I just wanna say that most every gen z-er I've met is cool af and you guys give me hope for the future. 💖

@bewitchyourmind I was honestly waiting for this headline.

I'm happy to see the kill go to gen Z! They earned it! Now I'm going to listen to Old Town Road on repeat.

@bewitchyourmind Genre's been a bad descriptor of music for a while. I know a band that calls itself either "nu-hula" or "electro-dream pop" - that tells you literally nothing about what they sound like

It's not an active force, it's just a consequence of how music's been changing that certain types of language are less applicable

@bewitchyourmind Is there a full link to the article to be had? Am expecting nothing less than comedy gold 🙄

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