Please donate if you can.
Temperatures in Chicago are going to be as low as NEGATIVE SIXTY DEGREES FARENHEIT (yes, you read that right, -60°F). Please help fund tickets for those who are without shelter to ride CTA and hopefully survive these temperatures.

This is from my Twitter friend who is active in Chicago leftist action.

PayPal link:


@Gargron Ik I tag you in the stupidest stuff for jokes, but can you please consider boosting the above toot? You have a lot of reach and there is some major cold weather coming to Chicago (-60F wind chill) that is definitely going to be deadly for those who don't have shelter.

@bewitchyourmind Is there some way to confirm that the PayPal pool will be used for its stated purpose? I don't know any of these people and want to make sure before boosting

@Gargron Lemme see if I can get in contact with someone involved directly. :)

Enter discipleship

@Gargron Yes I do, it's a friend of mine who is in Chicago who is part of a leftist organizing up there that's taking point on this

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