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Please donate if you can.
Temperatures in Chicago are going to be as low as NEGATIVE SIXTY DEGREES FARENHEIT (yes, you read that right, -60°F). Please help fund tickets for those who are without shelter to ride CTA and hopefully survive these temperatures.

This is from my Twitter friend who is active in Chicago leftist action.

PayPal link: paypal.com/pools/c/8bH90a8kFT


People will die from the State's complete disregard for human life when it doesn't make them money.

I hope churches at least open their doors this week for people. God.

Seems that the average donation is nearly $30 dollars which is amazing. Every little bit helps, please.

According to a friend of mine @mooncake, they will also be distributing hand warmers which are a low cost item that could really help. So I promise you any little bit is so helpful.

HOLY SHIT THEY'RE AT 900+. This morning when I posted this it was at 200 and change. This is great. Keep it going, the more there is the more help.

@Gargron Ik I tag you in the stupidest stuff for jokes, but can you please consider boosting the above toot? You have a lot of reach and there is some major cold weather coming to Chicago (-60F wind chill) that is definitely going to be deadly for those who don't have shelter.

@bewitchyourmind people on the radical left attack churches a lot as instruments of reaction, and while they're not wtong the position of churches as community centres and places that try to help is really important in a lot of places

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@bewitchyourmind @_ that's not entirely wrong, but, attacking the institutions of faith on their own push people *towards* those shitty takes. Secularism comes from the abandonment of the church on their own, but then we dig into a whole rabbithole of Marxism


I don't think abandoning churches digs any whole into marxism but :s

@_ @CornishRepublicanArmy I think, to be fair, there is a different perspective on churches in America versus the UK. In America we have far more evangelical and far far dissociated from the run of the mill one in, say, England or Ireland.

@_ @CornishRepublicanArmy I grew up going to batshit crazy evangelical ones that straight up brainwash children, esp queer children like me. So I completely understand Vi's discomfort

@bewitchyourmind @_ i mean, don't get me wrong I'm a gay trans woman who's a Marxist. Stan the church I do not. But, it's important to see these institutions for what they wholey are than just evil or amazing

@CornishRepublicanArmy @bewitchyourmind
The church and capitalism are linked and intertwined, the pros of a system do not justify the hurt and bigotry they create

@bewitchyourmind @_ mmm, it's more complex than that. The current church is linked to capital, as are all power structures that feed into the state and the status quo, but 'The Church' and faith are merely expressions of the community. The doctrine of the church was once set by the clergy, who were of course part of the state, and that lineage continues but its not like the state controls faith and community

@CornishRepublicanArmy @bewitchyourmind

I guess there's not much I can say in response to that other than I disagree entirely with your idea of what churches and faith are.

I believe Christianity has only ever been to give power to older white men, to control the populace and to make money.

@_ @CornishRepublicanArmy Sure, I agree with all that, but the fact of the matter is this is happening this week and what we do have are churches and public transit to maybe let the people who dont have shelter or cant fit into current shelters have a place to sleep and be warm enough not to literally die on the streets.

... Yeah no I wasn't saying this wasn't or that we should like, destroy all the churches in the entire area today right as this crisis happens,, :s

@_ yeah any of my perceived support of churches would only be in context to this situation in chicago rn, other than that fuck them.

@bewitchyourmind holy shit, -60?! being outside for just a bit in that cold is terrible, i can't imagine having to sleep outside. fuck that's terrible.

@em my girlfriend told me last night and it didn't even process for me. i thought she must've meant -6. its completely unfathomable to me, a floridian. but im so concerned.

@bewitchyourmind @nuttgodd it's a literal hundred degree temperature differential from most of florida. your nose hairs freeze. steam on glasses turns to ice. it's hellish. I think the coldest I ever dealt with was -45 so like. imagining worse than that is A Lot. but yeah imagine eye watering cold and then having ice on your face within seconds.

you can throw a cup of boiling water in the air and it'll turn into snow before it hits ground. it's wild.

@bewitchyourmind @nuttgodd oh another fun fact is that it's potentially colder than Mars in daytime!

@bewitchyourmind i think they're gonna expand into distributing handwarmers now too if u wanna update it

@bewitchyourmind Is there some way to confirm that the PayPal pool will be used for its stated purpose? I don't know any of these people and want to make sure before boosting

@Gargron Lemme see if I can get in contact with someone involved directly. :)

@Gargron Yes I do, it's a friend of mine who is in Chicago who is part of a leftist organizing up there that's taking point on this

@Gargron @bewitchyourmind Especially there's no forecast I can find that says the temperature is going to drop to anywhere _near_ negative 60. Negative 20, maybe, which is still cold as hell for someone like me, but not as apocalyptic as this sounds: forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.

@mdm @Gargron -60F wind chill, as I corrected with my reply directly to Eugen.

@mdm @Gargron And Yes, when it comes to people sleeping on the street, this is DEADLY. Please actually do your fucking research.

@mdm @Gargron @bewitchyourmind i was seeing -28 for Wednesday last I checked, so it might have been ‘60° below freezing’ turning into ‘-60°’? Its easy to make that mistake, esp if you’re used to metric

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