Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

so as some of y'all know i'm looking to move out and get a place of our own with my fiancee, which i think will be better for my mental health. that being said, i'm opening up my commissions!

:sparkles_nb: mediums: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, alcohol markers, black ink, pencil sketch, clay figures. :sparkles_nb:

:coin_up: i work with pretty much all budgets so don't be afraid to ask. :coin_up:

please see @bewitcharts on instagram for more art examples. :witchywink2:

IMAGE WARNING: contains artistic nudity. not graphic.

(note: last image is someones gemsona, which im more than willing to do again!)

Rune-enchanted cant

me: *floating 2 feet above my bed while appearing serene*
gf: *rolls over* hey babe are you asleep?
me: lฬธอ„อœaฬถฬ†อ… ฬดฬ†ฬ‡ฬ อŽbฬถฬ†ฬ—ฬžrฬตอ‹ฬฆuฬตอ ฬคอšjฬทอฬ€ฬบaฬตฬˆฬ—ฬฉ ฬตฬ‰ฬซdฬทฬ†ฬšฬฌฬฉeฬดฬ†อšฬบlฬตฬˆอ„อ” ฬดฬŠฬฐฬ pฬทอ—ฬƒฬฏaฬถฬŽฬŠฬœnฬธฬƒฬผtฬทฬ†ฬ›ฬฎฬŸaฬตฬƒอŠอ™nฬตฬ†ฬ—ฬ™oฬตอฬง ฬตฬ€ฬฒฬฅnฬทอ„อ อ”ฬฉuฬถฬฬ“ฬนอnฬธอ†ฬŸcฬทฬ‹ฬšฬณอaฬถฬ‘ฬณฬ™ ฬตอ˜ฬฎdฬตอ†ฬญฬฅuฬตฬ†อ‹ฬฅeฬตอ‘ฬrฬธอ„ฬ”ฬฃฬฉmฬตฬˆฬอ‡อeฬตฬ‡อ อŽฬ˜

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

literally my pronouns are plastered everywhere, its not my job to correct you every single time just try to not be a shit person. someone should only have to tell you once.

crystal dash away from all your problems (and right into a buzzsaw) #hollowknight #mastoart

:heart_pride: itโ€™s giveaway time! :heart_pride:

iโ€™m so grateful for all the support and love iโ€™ve received from the community here, so i wanna give my thanks!

- u donโ€™t have to be following me unless u want
- put ur pronouns in ur bio (iโ€™ll be checking!)
- boost this toot
- thatโ€™s it! :blobcatblep:

winners will be drawn at random and announced june first
(pls keep in mind iโ€™m not a furry artist however i will be more than happy to try to draw the winnerโ€™s fursona as long as u know itโ€™s a toss up how itโ€™ll turn out lol)

good luck i love u!!!

worst thing CJ ever did was name that discord "Deep State". i don't even know who's still in it but it sounds way too important for a chat that temporarily banned the word "smegma" due to overuse

@Katie the most recent actual deep state ""drama"" was literally just people getting to horny at each other and needing to be told to tone it down. i dont know what people think happens in there but i promise they're wrong

happy anniversary baby. you're the best husband i could've ever asked for. it's been a beautiful 20 years we've spent together and i can't wait to spend another 20 by your side

tech ppl my instance server needs restarting i guess??? idk much abt this shit but I'm away from my computer SO would this work or is this a bad thing

I live for how much Victorian and art nouveau fancy dress costumes loved bat headpieces. This one is called "Soumrak (Dusk)" and is from an 1896 Czech magazine (Source:

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