Rune-enchanted cant

continuing to align yourself with an unrepentant racist who makes up lies about people who criticize her makes you, too, a racist

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

hey so if y'all have seen the post, you'll know that i'm gonna help admin i know that the whole situation AND how it was handled with the racial slurs was awful and unacceptable and i want to do better than that in the future. for now i'll be keeping both this account but maining on radtown but feel free to contact me on both instances if you have any issues. like anna said i 100% have and will continue to call her on her shit and make this a better place, since a lot of people on here deserve a space where they feel safe and heard and validated.

Rune-enchanted cant

me: *floating 2 feet above my bed while appearing serene*
gf: *rolls over* hey babe are you asleep?
me: l̸̈́͜ă̶ͅ ̴̠͎̆̇b̶̗̞̆r̵̦͋ṳ̵͚͠j̷̺́̀ä̵̗̩ ̵̫̉d̷̬̩̆̚ĕ̴͚̺l̵͔̈̈́ ̴̰̠̊p̷̯͗̃a̶̜̎̊ñ̸̼t̷̛̮̟̆ã̵͙͊n̵̗̙̆o̵̧͝ ̵̲̥̀n̷͔̩̈́͠ú̶̹͍̓n̸̟͆c̷̳͍̋̚ȃ̶̳̙ ̵̮͘ḓ̵̥͆ŭ̵̥͋e̵̝͑ṛ̸̩̈́̔m̵͇͍̈̏ė̵͎̘͠

@jaymocked @bewitchyourmind my dude, nobody's wanting to explain this to you because, quite frankly, you gotta do some work before any explaining is even going to have any effect. right now it's like asking why nobody is giving CPR to king tut's mummy.

your hypothesis was "all mexicans hate gay people and black people, indians hate white women" and so on. if you can't see why perhaps that is racist and a bad thing to say... nobody can help you.

anna harassed a black young adult because he simply joined mastodon. then falsely accused him of transphobia. she just didnt like the "culture" he brought to masto.

anna defended a user who sent transphobic and racist slurs because the victim screenshotted the harassment. the victim then got threats from w.l defenders about calling ICE on her familt

weird that ive seen like two witches users post textual racism in the last day. probably just a coincidence

you know those cis transphobic bigots yall cry about? that's you

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"no one on witches wants me to delete" yeah bc all the decent ppl cut ties with you

real witches aren't on here you're just white girls in cheap Halloween witch costumes

white queer voice: idk this "drama" is really there are racists and block evaders but I like larping as a witch ://

*racist slur*
very normal to see this on the home timeline on witches dot live huh

w.l meta 

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