Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

so as some of y'all know i'm looking to move out and get a place of our own with my fiancee, which i think will be better for my mental health. that being said, i'm opening up my commissions!

:sparkles_nb: mediums: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, alcohol markers, black ink, pencil sketch, clay figures. :sparkles_nb:

:coin_up: i work with pretty much all budgets so don't be afraid to ask. :coin_up:

please see @bewitcharts on instagram for more art examples. :witchywink2:

IMAGE WARNING: contains artistic nudity. not graphic.

(note: last image is someones gemsona, which im more than willing to do again!)

Rune-enchanted cant

me: *floating 2 feet above my bed while appearing serene*
gf: *rolls over* hey babe are you asleep?
me: lฬธอ„อœaฬถฬ†อ… ฬดฬ†ฬ‡ฬ อŽbฬถฬ†ฬ—ฬžrฬตอ‹ฬฆuฬตอ ฬคอšjฬทอฬ€ฬบaฬตฬˆฬ—ฬฉ ฬตฬ‰ฬซdฬทฬ†ฬšฬฌฬฉeฬดฬ†อšฬบlฬตฬˆอ„อ” ฬดฬŠฬฐฬ pฬทอ—ฬƒฬฏaฬถฬŽฬŠฬœnฬธฬƒฬผtฬทฬ†ฬ›ฬฎฬŸaฬตฬƒอŠอ™nฬตฬ†ฬ—ฬ™oฬตอฬง ฬตฬ€ฬฒฬฅnฬทอ„อ อ”ฬฉuฬถฬฬ“ฬนอnฬธอ†ฬŸcฬทฬ‹ฬšฬณอaฬถฬ‘ฬณฬ™ ฬตอ˜ฬฎdฬตอ†ฬญฬฅuฬตฬ†อ‹ฬฅeฬตอ‘ฬrฬธอ„ฬ”ฬฃฬฉmฬตฬˆฬอ‡อeฬตฬ‡อ อŽฬ˜

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

I went to check on Loki because I hadn't heard him knock anything over in a while and found him napping with Siegfried

craic is just the word limey brits use to talk about their ass "crack"

these are rich kids who didnt get into UF. makes sense. using daddy's money to live in high rises in channelside and going to middle to low rank universities here

random white tshirt she got from some walk or something. black shorts. flip flops. apple laptop. water bottle full. she clearly lives nearby and is possibly studying but like. does she go to the university of tampa or something??? its such a...weird overpriced badly ranked private school for this kind of clearly in a sorority and studying marketing kind of gal

I'm.....just staring at this girl with this apple laptop and dressed exactly like UF girls but there is not rly major unis near here so what is she doing

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