a star is born has a semi graphic suicide scene for those of you who might want to stay away from that, i wouldn't recommend seeing it.

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This Halloween check your child's bag for these items

A long jagged boning knife
Finger bones
An actual 1911 hand gun
Dust from the being that haunts our skies

Remember children are not allowed to have these items and they will stop at nothing to sneak out with them

if we just got rid of the flag,. no more soldiers would get killed.... they wouldnt have anything to pretect, so they woul'd get the day off

I canโ€™t function when this cute is going on.

hi any trans ladies have some tips on tucking for my gf? her main dysphoria comes from bulge in clothes

broke: im unlovable
woke: i realize my self worth is based off of validation which makes me feel worthless when I dont get it
bespoke: I have many people who love and care about me yet I decide to hermit myself and base my self worth on society or other people who dont matter

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!