ironic.....that google/youtube put asmr on youtube rewind but will go above and beyond to demonetize them and collab with companies that strip their payment rights because they might come off too close to sex work... *eye roll*

im going to try and go a week with putting on no foundation. other makeup ok, just no foundation to cover up my bad skin lol

did i drink an entire carton of horchata in less than 24 hours? yes. do i feel bad about it? no because rice milk doesnt attack me

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okay the bodyache remix by Born Gold goes WAY too fucking hard for me to do dishes while I listen to it, bc it just kept turning into a danceoff against myself. fuck! it doesn't stop upping the ante all the way thru. shout out to @bewitchyourmind who introduced me to its existence

#FloridaWhiteBoys can’t go to Tijuana Flats anymore management noticed they were filling big-ass jars they brought from home with hot sauce

@bewitchyourmind Getting wasted at Epcot is a rite-of-passage. Never be ashamed of #FloridaCulture

#FloridaWhiteGirls are world champions at turning anything into a bikini top, besting the Brazilians with their Outback Steakhouse napkin ensemble.

#FloridaWhiteBoys saying "Oh it's only a little drizzle" when it storms outside, but getting terrified when the temp drops.

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