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Hello everybody, a bunch of devs are giving their games for free on this crisis to incentivise people to stay home, I created a collection of those games.

The main thing I want to make of that list is that:

A - If anyone knows of more games/devs giving away free games to help, please inform me so I can add them to the list.

B - I want to spread awareness and incentivate people who can to donate, support or produce content as a way to payback at those amazing devs that are giving a small amount they can give to help everyone.>


C - If you can create content but doesn't have money, you can review those, make let's plays, stream (All if it is allowed by each dev) to help spread the support. Even fan art is cool too, just help more people know those devs so we can atleast help give back a little too.

D - Support the scene as a whole, because the people in the indie scene are passionate and each time they show how much they can give to the world.

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