maybe it is not well known who @berserkx33 is, so i would like to re-re-introduce them! berserk and i were mufos on twitter and friends for years. we became war buddies during The Great Allyzone... Thing, where we were attacked for defending a mutual friend of ours, a trans masc afrobrazillian.

they live in brazil, and use they/them pronouns.

in addition to being a good friend, berserk has possibly the biggest shaman energy of anyone i have ever met, and knows about and remembers details of things that have happened that i would be absolutely lost without

they have been here for w.l since day 1 and i cannot thank them enough for all they do!

i specifically tapped @berserkx33 because the whole reason i set up w.l is we saw the kind of dangerous disaster social media can become when conflict is endlessly escalated between marginalized people, and we shared the same vision of something better.

also, if you ever need or want information about old, obscure games, i can't think of anyone who knows more than berserk. they have even made some great long form posts on their tl taking a deep dive into topics about them, please check it out sometime!

Enter discipleship

@anna And I'm witness to your fortitude on it all.

You where always a loyal friends and helped me through a lot during that period. And for that I'm always thankful.

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