Rune-enchanted cant

Opening for Comissions: Pixel Art tabletop tokens (70x70) for R$ 20 (Around US$ 4). Delivery time: ~2 days per token. Please contact me for more information, we can discuss detail through DM.

Rune-enchanted cant

OK, everyone, as we've discussed with Anna, we will be moving to invites only for now because of the high amount of subscriptions in the short period of time has been overwhelming us.

We deleted some that seemed suspect (I mainly looked at ones that didn't have digital trails or whose trails where suspect, like related to e-mail databases and long dead accounts for other services).

If anyone you know who tried to enter and was Rejected during this period, please contact me via DM so I can know who they are.

Also, if you invite someone, please feel free to introduce them.

Apologies for those that have been waiting to get their admissions accepted for the last week, we have recieved an uncharacteristic amount of bot spam (500+ admissions) that has been clogging the queue.

GC/TERF funded ads have been appearing in the street, ginning up controversy. Like, paid ads.

About three weeks ago, a fundamentalist christian 'for the family’ type group paid for “gender is not a choice" radio ads. They refuse to say where the money is coming from, and nobody knows who paid for the public street ads either.

Article, in Dutch;

They're all connected. We've known for years that US organisations are funding this stuff, along with local donors. I have a list of receipts a mile long.

Trans genocide 

You'll meet many different characters on your journey, and some might even have a few items for sale!

From upgrade components to magical artifacts, it's always worth checking their offers 💎✨

#pixelart #gamedev #indiegame #metroidvania

more from the same dev, a very fascinating fantasy console project and concept:

Yet Another Super Note project (this time for the #Metroidvania Month game jam, so at least game genre is fixed)
Total reuse of assets today, except for the DB16 palette (less saturated than what I usually work with and without perfect black/white)
This time I added a "turn" animation which really adds to the game feel, I wonder if you can notice it?
#PixelArt #GameDev #IndieDev #GodotEngine

a couple of years ago I stumbled upon an ad for a hundred #shareware games on floppy disks. how could I resist?

they proved to be incredibly unwieldy to display, or even put in a disk box. the solution turned out to be a wire turnstile rack (once) used to display greeting cards. it was the perfect fit for 3.5” and 5.25” disks!

#RetroComputing #RetroGaming

By now, many of you have seen the footage of the monk (or mud wizard) facing off with hapless riot police during the defense of #Lutzerath this past weekend.

If you have not seen it, treat yourself to it now:

In fact, this mysterious figure already appeared in 2018, during the defense of the ZAD (the "Zone to Defend," a longtime squatted area where the residents blocked the construction of an airport) at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

According to le Monde, the police ambushed the monk among a group of other defenders. The monk threw three buckets of water at the police, proclaiming "I baptize you in the name of the ZAD!" In the ensuing chaos, he made off with one of their batons.

To learn more about the #ZAD:

Victory to the mud wizards! Defend the earth!

post from r/ennnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbby (may contain flashing imagery) 

heterosexuality caused 100% of human problems

Happy #screenshotsaturday
Show me your game's progress in the replies devs🗨️

I'm done with the Dash/Evade animation🧚‍♀️
This might be great for speedruns!

The Kickstarter goes live JAN 31! Sign up to get notified at launch :D

#gamedev #indiedev #RPG #indiegame #gameboy #RETROGAMING #pcgames

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