Rune-enchanted cant

OK, everyone, as we've discussed with Anna, we will be moving to invites only for now because of the high amount of subscriptions in the short period of time has been overwhelming us.

We deleted some that seemed suspect (I mainly looked at ones that didn't have digital trails or whose trails where suspect, like related to e-mail databases and long dead accounts for other services).

If anyone you know who tried to enter and was Rejected during this period, please contact me via DM so I can know who they are.

Also, if you invite someone, please feel free to introduce them.

So Jack wants to develop a federated status protocol and pivot Twitter into being some kind of aggregation platform for his vision of the fediverse.

This fills me with dread TBH because this is how megacorps destroy open alternatives to their centralized crap. They claim they want to build a better version "for the people", add support for the open standard, grab a bunch of users/content, then re-centralize themselves.

XMPP almost saw actual usable adoption when Google did it, then they closed the gates.

actually that was the first time i can remember i paid for something online and i didnt have to reload 50 times to enable all kinds of 3rd party bullshit in umatrix, so yeah, joining the fsf owns a++ do recommend

I'm funding a small, independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to fix problems that were born at my company on my watch, that I've allowed to fester uninterrupted for a decade as I flapped about ineffectually and am now refusing to take responsibility for or acknowledge anyone else’s efforts to improve, something something scale.

psst... witches... the full moon has imbued certain html runes such as marquee and font...

czech it out

One last tip: If you absolutely must purchase pronouns from an unknown dealer, **be absolutely certain that you can test them before you buy.** Unscrupulous pronoun dealers will act offended and may make up excuses about "damaging them" or some such thing. Nonsense. All complete pronoun sets are necessarily tempered as a part of the syntaxing process. I have never met a single pronounsmith who would be remotely offended by the testing of their completed sets. Try before you buy, always!

“I live in a society where people are assigned to two different social groups at birth, one of which is exploiting the work of the other one. Also, those two groups are given a separate education and are taught to behave in widely separate manners. All deviations from those rules are punished.
But don't worry babe, all of this doesn't matter to me and is not clouding the way I perceive things 😎.”

this is often actually easier than perfectly tailoring adventure balance! far less reliance on mechanics and number crunching (don't get me started on CR, dear ioun), much more on world description and player common sense (which granted may be lacking, but on their own heads be it)

give your dungeon ridiculously lethal hazards, then let the players decide how and when and if to face them

real tabletop adventure balance is making risk/reward well-telegraphed, rather than ensuring that every encounter is going to fit into a perfect difficulty curve that challenges the players but never too much

let players decide what they're up for, and face down the dragon that's five levels higher than them with a solid plan and an escape route

also remember like, yesterday when the asshole murderous pigs shot up a freeway, killing a ups driver being held hostage and putting a bunch of families with kids and other bystanders in the line of fire? :acab:

honestly all cops should be burned alive

if you've heard anything about the "PIG" starbucks cup thing, turns out it was a joke between family friends that the manager, a trans woman who needed the job to pay for her school and health care, was fired despite going above and beyond to fix the situation

however, some asshole pig refused and just went crying to the media basically to fuck over a trans woman

This isn't a joke. Mistletoe is an invasive and PARASITIC PLANT that, once it infects a tree, will eventually kill it. Worse, it is extremely contagious and the plant cannot be removed. The only way to remove the parasite from an infected tree is to cut the limb off that the mistletoe has infected.

Most trees need to be cut down and they need to be cut down BEFORE they spread their infection to healthy trees.

"I saw existing AAA games, with their extravagant budgets, their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and huge development teams... and the end result was a jaw-dropping game. I thought to myself, what if I made a game, but it was a statement against the excesses of the industry? What if we made it so deliberately bad, it would impact the way games were made for decades to come? This is where I got my idea for my game." --Sergey Titov, Producer of hit game Big Rigs, Over The Road Racing

It's Chelsea Manning’s birthday on December 17th!

Cards aren't allowed, but letters are & printouts of photos of cards should be ok.

Here's her mailing address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

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