Rune-enchanted cant

OK, everyone, as we've discussed with Anna, we will be moving to invites only for now because of the high amount of subscriptions in the short period of time has been overwhelming us.

We deleted some that seemed suspect (I mainly looked at ones that didn't have digital trails or whose trails where suspect, like related to e-mail databases and long dead accounts for other services).

If anyone you know who tried to enter and was Rejected during this period, please contact me via DM so I can know who they are.

Also, if you invite someone, please feel free to introduce them.

TODAY'S CREATIVE OUTPUT: my friend Kory asked me to draw a picture of Rouge the Bat that i ended up quite liking. hire me IDW


Heard it was bunny day soon, so here is my bunny hehe

though maybe i'll remember to restart the mastodon service so the full moon stuff works whenever that kicks in lol

and to be clear, this isn't some technicality. i love a good goof and/or spoof but april 1 is for amateurs, especially during a global pandemic

Everyone should get subsidized customized FaceRig models of their fursona for Zoom meetings in these trying times

Getting reversed isekai’d: I’m a berserker with a cushy office job now!?

Here's a bit of advice if you're having weird issues where games hitch every few seconds in windows. If you have a wireless controller dongle, pair a controller.

I just spend like a day trying to figure out what I broke before realizing that my controller dongle was causing it.

We need to kill the stereotype that non-binary people are just "girls, but not really!" or "genderless femmes"

Plenty of people out there need to learn that non-binary is an umbrella term for a lot of things, and restrictive nb stereotypes exclude *most* nb people

yeah im a pick up artist, you see, when you pick up a box from the floor? mundane, unartful, nobody moved except the cardboard.

me? people start weeping, panties are thrown at my feet, some even by women, i spend my off days in a museum just showing off how i pick stuff up

valid to be a twink. valid to like twinks

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