I’m looking for resources on the history of cabaret 👀 preferably documentary or podcast. Anyone got a suggestion

@berserkx33 @Sapphicgiraffic i can get behind that, tho i would hope there's an opportunity to adjust it. i'm also really fond of how like yoshi's wooly/crafted world does it, where you can toggle dying/a little extra help on and off, basically, and it doesnt impact how the game treats you at all.

@Breakfast i felt that way initially, and i understand he sentiment, but lately i’ve been in the “Fascists/Bigots Get Nothing” frame of mind.

they can’t make anything for themselves so they steal from everyone else. literal parasites. they’ll never stop taking unless people strike back, swiftly and forcefully.

Haters Get Nothing

OK, that is a pretty cool hashtag and a wonderful idea.

People should post ideas in there about how we could improve gaming for everyone, from accessibility, quality of life and methodology changes to overall community and intersectionality/diversity measure we could take to help making Gaming in general a better thing for everyone.

@occoris some additional thoughts:
• principles of #ReformGaming should apply to all games, including tabletop (board, card, miniatures, role play, etc.), video games, and more athletic games like bowling.
• every player and game is unique, which calls for individual solutions. there are one “one size fits all” implementations.

an minor cutscene clarificarion:
• cutscenes should be skippable and replayable *on first playthrough*

• ability to change the size and duration of all important on-screen text
• on-screen text should be accessible to screen readers and/or there should be a v/o option.

actually now that i think of it i dont think there's a reason Visual Novels shouldn't be fully screen reader accessible, i wonder if tools exist already to make that easier or if we'll have to build them.

@occoris big yes to all of those and:
• content warnings per individual section of games.
• subtitles either on by default or user is prompted to choose at beginning.
• skippable and repayable cutscenes.
• robust blocking, filtering, and reporting systems built into the core of online games, not tacked on as an afterthought.
• widespread support for distributed gaming and self-hosted services.
• no “always online” DRM.
• ownership, not licensing.

@Sapphicgiraffic some things i want to see become standard practice in game design, as a #ReformGamer:
difficulty levels in ALL games (this can be an ai thing, or a hint system, or more health- it looks different from game to game and thats alright! i'm really fond of how they did it in Yoshi's Wooly/Crafted worlds)
focus on single player and collaborative multiplayer games.
native colorblindness friendly design and, it thats not in the cards, easily manipulated settings to make it so.

@Sapphicgiraffic oh, also ableism and accessibility problems in gaming. those are huge too.

some tenets of the Reform Gamer movement:
• every player deserves a voice in their games, regardless of skill level or how much time they’ve invested
• people play games for different reasons and they are all valid as long as no player is harmed
• representation matters
• we must take steps to address the racism, classism, misogyny, antisemitism, queerphobia, and White Supremacy problems in gaming, including player base and developers

🎮🎲 starting the Reform Gamer movement to take games back from the Straight White Male Christian/Atheist so-called “Gamers” who are ruining all of the fun for us normal people 🎲🎮

fun fact: there are 5 kinds of dunes found one Earth, and all 5 are found on Mars, however Mars has one that isn't found on Earth.

Hello extraterrestrials!
I am a Female activist, Queer, Novelist, Astronomer Witch.
I like punk rock, or classic rock music.
My witchcraft is mainly elemental, with some cooking and baking thrown in.
You can check out my Astronomy blog at star-spotter.blogspot.com
I also blog about my personal life, link TBD, but it will be here.
I would love to chat with anyone!

what are you doing with that banana, starwall

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