Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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@Pixley we’re bein demolished, so butts are the only real upside of watchin this game

lookin at some good baseball butts n thinkin abt @Pixley

at a baesball, there have not been many goals for my tem :(

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u kno that feel when ur barber hears “take off one inch” and thinks u mean take it down to one inch (:

holy shit, might be on our way to go sign a lease!!!!!

hhhhh u kno when u feel infinite stress bcs of a single social mishap hhhh

i’m surrounded by my fave people aahhhh

also hi good morning my bb is here and i’m so fuckin cheerful

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my baby is literally sleeping on my chest rn holy shit i’m so happy

we made it to my place safely!! for the record, this isn’t ~the big move~, it’s just us movin his junk to my place before we move into our next apartment in a few weeks!

moving day!!!! wish us safe travels in the rain, i’ll be driving extra safely and slowly! 🌟

lmao sittin in the tacobell drive thru and when i pulled up to the window the guy went “hello HELLO you’re lookin fabulous today” so i feel seen, thanks for being friendly and complementary, drive thru man. this is why i’m a taco bell stan.

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