Enter discipleship

absolutely adore Germans just hollering "MEAL" before digging into a meal

if y'all ain't makin this up, this is truly the best and I need it in my life

@merlose_loire @the_all I swear it's true, you come into a room around lunch time and greet folks with "Mahlzeit!" (translates more accurately to 'happy meal time' but literally it just means Meal!)

amazing. also in earnest that sort of makes a type of sense! 🌈👍🌈

@bastardlesbian @merlose_loire Or, if you're either constantly unaware abt time of day or just don't care abt that (like most of my social circles) you can say it whenever

@bastardlesbian Doesn't even have to be right before dinner. It is also simply said during lunchtime as a greeting.

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