What’s the rarest thing on the internet?

(honest question, not looking for shitpost answers, I know I will get them anyway)

@liaizon dunno about the internet but there's a website that gives you a random youtube video with 0 views so you're the first one to watch it

@bastardlesbian @liaizon I didn't click through yet (am on poor connection right now)...but by the description, sounds like a neat answer to the discovery problem often encountered on fediverse (and other decentralized/federated networks)!

@mxuribe @bastardlesbian "here's a random awoo that hasn't received any boosts or been favorited"

jorts with an infinite bean stuffed inside a wound cube

@liaizon @bastardlesbian I know what every word in that phrase means except for "jorts" but even then, am funnily confused such as to have my mind racing! Thanks for this - you lifted me out of my boredom today! 😉👍
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