Rune-enchanted cant

also open for stick'n'poke tattoo appointments! DM me for info, pictures are my most recent works; boosts appreciated πŸ’•

Rune-enchanted cant

new post because things are constantly changing, shifting, evolving. name's the same, Darcy, 23 years old (for now), . constantly in transit; heading to tonight! not sure how long I'll stay, but wherever I am, hmu for a chat or a stroll 🌼

/ and just in general,

currently reading up on/getting into:
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love prevails πŸ’–

Rune-enchanted cant

watching season 8 of American Horror Story and it's so cheesy and dramatic lmao I love it

btw happy Halloween season guys! πŸ¦‡ πŸ–€
September 13 to October 31, 24/7 horror lockdown, I'm ready, my playlist is 40 songs long already and I'm adding more

Someone put me on one of those medieval stretching machines and crack every single one of my bones please it'll be therapeutic

A scarlet letter but for men who enact violence against women.

what leftists can learn from the kris jenner school of PR 

just took a DNA test and it turns out I'm 100% a clay golem created to protect the ghetto of Prague

everyone's got their one sad white boy singing songs with his weak-ass voice that they like and mine is keaton henson, and that's 100% because of the gay zombies in In the Flesh

whenever i see the moon refereed to with he/him pronouns it doesnt feel like "misgendering" per se but it just feels wrong

anyway my cut-up poetry performance last night went super well, i got it done in time, people complimented me afterwards, i wore a cute af outfit

aight so, the art events people have been organising have had... low turnout, to put it mildly. 20 people or so when the room could fit 100 easily. good jam sessions, definitely, but ukno. so I'm thinking, I wanna organise a halloween event. there's enough time. i wanna make it opulent and involve a performance art piece that could easily double as magic ritual (and for those in the right mindframe it will be a work of magic). trad goth music in the early evening, then get freakier as the night wears on. a proper playlist. dresscode: anything but boring, as macabre as you like. those squishy eye candies spiked with liquor. yes

And make beauty for the sake of sanity
And let's mark our territories and get good at telling stories

OkComputer: The Worlds First 'Robots Only' Dating Site

i was trying to remember the word "pattern" (as in a clothing pattern) and all my brain was coming up with was "skirt recipe"

can't believe I'm dressing up as a sexy fly tomorrow

a pirate just entered the building giving me a big hug and a peck on the cheek, and he looks disconcertingly like this weird nerd guy i once hooked up with :/
he's got more charm though. also a mercedes benz decal as necklace pendant

i'm .. still working on this. i've got. three lines so far. fuk

me: I'm gonna do cut-up poetry on cosmic horror and the end of the world!
also me: art is literally magic! words hold power!
also also me: why am I suddenly anxious? where does this feeling Come From?

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