Rune-enchanted cant

also open for stick'n'poke tattoo appointments! DM me for info, pictures are my most recent works; boosts appreciated 💕

Rune-enchanted cant

new post because things are constantly changing, shifting, evolving. name's the same, Darcy, 23 years old (for now), . constantly in transit; heading to tonight! not sure how long I'll stay, but wherever I am, hmu for a chat or a stroll 🌼

/ and just in general,

currently reading up on/getting into:
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love prevails 💖

Rune-enchanted cant

Czech friend wrote his first English language poem into my journal!!!! 😍

update: Czech people call beanbags Fat Boy apparently

nine Czech people just joined the squat this is like the sweetest party they're super nice

Nsfwish? Lingerie and genitals mentioned, request 

me @ gay directors whose movies I'm watching: ily bitch

Sex work - important psa 

I have eaten the chips
that were in the icebox
forgive me
they were so cold
and tasted like everything else in the fridge

seriously can you believe they're charging 35 quid a /day/ if you wanna go mudlarking

who wants to explore sewers and go illegal mudlarking with me

thank you monthly hormonal fluctuations for giving me zits on my forehead exactly where I'd grow demon horns if I could grow them

just gonna sit at canary wharf twice a week to download movies off the shopping centre's WiFi. gotta get my fix

8 AM!? Who the FUCK has an 8-5 job and STILL votes for Republicans and capitalists!? Do you stupid fucks LIKE this shit!?

*cishet men (the girls here are lovely and I love them)

ugh I can be so horrible sometimes but also cishets are boring

call for trans writers; pls boost for visibility 

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