Rune-enchanted cant

i'm basil. i came for the shitposts and stayed for the witchcraft. i am a goth urban cowboy in york, pennsylvania and i'm from baltimore, maryland.

i really like mac tonight. i own 2 cats maybe i'll post them sometimes. i make art and you can find my commissions here:

i really need at least $350 by summer and $700 by august so if you could help me out i will literally be your friend forever. i need it to move so i can get out of a tricky situation and have a stable home in murfreesboro, tennessee.

i also really love the protomen. my favorite genre of music is rock opera.

kinnies look here:

me when the clock strikes half past six

basil channeled

We go together like
a pee pee and a poo poo
a dinga da dinga dong
Remembered forever
As pee pee poo poo
yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
That's the way it should be
Wah-oooh, yeah!

basil channeled
basil channeled

he's still online at 4 ammessaging me 😥 id call him out if it wasn't Saturday very worried about this friend

sleepy bitch energy, big dick disease

basil channeled

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mars, nico, sasuke, and bort have all interacted with me. the ritual is complete. i understand now. I understand everything.

mars boosted from me and sasuke followed me all for a post about bort I'm having a stroke

basil channeled

hehehe lois this is funnier than the time i hung out with bort joba

the fact that bort is popular here makes me want every single one of his followers to know that he unironically enjoys family guy and i will not stop tooting about this

bort joba x sans undertale x peter griffin every time we touch amv hd 480p

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