when someone says they're an 'ux engineer' it means they fuck the software

'eye contact' is an interesting formation because it seems to imply the eyes would physically touch. a pre-modern theory of vision was that the eye sent out rays that reflected off objects, and in this understanding, locking eyes with someone would entail a mutual exchange of rays

stoned watching peppa pig this is B tier kids content

dream also The Killer? in his house in that little tower it felt so familiar also talking to three girls about where to shop and what to wear "that abstract swirl stuff is very on trend rn" and escaping the killers house me telling some long haired white to fuck off he was snooping around the house which like valid cus when i seen him i also saw a dead white horse

berlin dream having a blast, chibs was there and sid too, only blacks. went to a smoke shop so i could get international w the papers fam

ads about throng a i've just talked about on my social media -- it's just as likely as you think

first year of my life i've ever been called loud. unmasking is tight.

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