Bendik André channeled

Upside of a postdoc: there's no thesis hanging over your head constantly

Downside of a postdoc: there's no light at the end of the tunnel

What if i lived in a flat with a cat and never really had to see my dad ever again. Crazy huh

aaaanyways i hope y'all have a terrific day! much love

Gosh people are so smart. They know these vast things about stuff i cannot even comprehend. Like woah

Better not me crushing on a pansexual aromantic girl, while being a panromantic asexual. That's a whole other level of clowning

Eventually i will have to wake up... What the heck

i am still kinda mad at my dad, and since he doesn't inform me of shit, i do not need to inform him that i am expecting guests to leave shit in our house. good day sir. consoned selfishness it is

Today my dad took an active choice that the quality of the streamed music mattered more to him than sitting and enjoying it with me. I wish i stopped crying tears over this man

Hello my mom is sewing me a blanket and i adore her

(i ordered a package the other day and said my title was dr. cause i am not about to choose ms)

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