You may have forgotten, but sex workers are still anazing

Cried actual tears for the first time in forever and it was over crazy rich Asians. No not the proposal or wedding, but when her mom popped in the door. Actual sobs

A long time ago they had lightsabers but not ergonomic grips? Lmao fake ass

@tesseract aaaaaah, okay okay. Might take me some time to get through then.

@Starling thank u. I finished tng the other day and deep Soace 9 is next

@tesseract @TapiocaPearl terrible. I am currently practising consent whenever i meet my 2.5 year old amab cousin. I always ask him if he wants to be tickled, and always ask him if he wants me to do it again. Im sure he had more fun because of it, and idk maybe he'll get some sense of bodily autonomy ingrained in his soul. Just want these small humans to have a good time. And being angry and not allowed to cry isnt one of them

Perfect people who mostly are cunts but get everything drive me nuts

Iran stresses me out. But I'll stress (ahaha) that I have far from enough information on the topic is an instance just for journalists. yeah i haven't domain blocked something that fast in a long time.

I've started to make a small dsily Instagram where i post positive uodates about every! Day! Anyways it's @ hifromaurora on Instagram and i like it


Why do half of all men need to do anger management

Another genderless insult you can use to open your acceptance speech 

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