Rune-enchanted cant

I really thought they were lesbians. But no, she has a boyfriend

Sensory overload sounded very distant until I realised it would make sense of why I hate grass

I bought two pizzas, my friend offered me a can of coke and now all I want is a hug

Can't really afford to buy pizza, but I'll do it anyways because today was so long and I am emotionally tired

uk get your vaccination program back on fucking track i need to get a booster vaccine

if you don't vaccinate we can't be friends. that's non-negotiable

anti-vaxxers are such bullshit. honestly. I am terrified of getting all these shitty diseases. YES i'd way rather get autism (i won't) and pump my body full of toxins (not a thing) if it means not dying from measles/polio/tetanus/diphteria/mumps/rubella etc etc.

some people: vaccines are bad and i don't want my kids to have to many
me: ohmylordohmygod my vaccines have expired shoot what do i do i need to retake it

bush did 7/11

don’t boost this. don’t reward this behavior

"I am a big fan of doing nothing. Excellent strategy."

this lecturer is a big mood

I love my tootuals like an avocado covered in pepper and salt

I wanna start a blog to practice language.

we return to my least favorite lecturer. who speaks slowly, quetly and boring-ly

Shitposting on Twitter is peforming for an audience
Shitposting on tumblr is yelling into a void and waiting to see who yells back
Shitposting on here is throwing a stick into a quick moving river. You dont know where its going but it's going fast

sometimes CWs don't even work for me like i have this reflex where I just reveal all hidden pics and so sometimes I'm like oh holy shit why would you post this nobody wants to see that ,,,,, then I look just a tiny bit up and it's like ah... there was a CW.. i could've just left it hidden....

Har alltid tenkt pΓ₯ @namtari som Mamsen (fordi Nams) men nΓ₯ er nams lillegutt istedenfor og det er egt like koselig

I sneezed in a room with 7 other people. None of which said bless you, so that means none of them are my friends

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