Rune-enchanted cant

Check my profile for links to work. Or you could simply Google "aurpera" and you'll only find results pertaining to me and my work. Yes, I invented the name!

Rune-enchanted cant

Well, 69 is not a bad number after all. ;)

Here goes :

I am a visual artist who goes by the name Aurpera. I freelance as a photographer, graphic designer and an illustrator. Additionally, into jewelry design, tarot reading, digital collages, typography and self-portraits.

I run a shop on Instagram by the name "artease_t".

I am also making a website for art-licensing and prints called

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Moving to @aurpera since this instance is barely active and apparently been blocked for reasons no one seems to know. 🤷‍♀️

Moving to @aurpera since this instance is barely active and apparently been blocked for reasons no one seems to know. 🤷‍♀️

Putting a work wish out to the world: I want to be hired to create title card illustrations for a TV series.

I'm in need of an intense connection again.

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The French government wants to censor this mural. Please spread it around

You really need crushes to enjoy Ilayaraja songs.

Do we all have that friend who got married to someone who's clearly wrong for them and likes talking about how miserable they both are but not acknowledging the very fact they are incompatible?

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Is anyone available for some remote part-time work (sysadmin)

A relative of mine is running a small company and needs someone to help them do some work managing a few cloud instances (setting up VM's, installing software), as well as managing their Office 365 service.

The amount of work is a few hours per week, but they want the person to be able to answer quickly (within a few hours) within work hours (Singapore time, UTC+8).

If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll forward the contact information.

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@GalatFemme ughh it's difficult. I still don't wanna go back to shitsite tho

How is your weekend going? What are you cooking today?

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Hi everyone! I'm 22 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

My interests are music, software development, language learning and literature (mostly through songwriting).

I need to follow a ton of people here.

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Accusing others of virtue signaling is a form of virtue signaling.

Actually, everything you do in front of others is signaling some virtue or another.

Although it's essential for me to work out everyday, I don't feel up to it. Usually it makes me feel motivated to go through the day but knowing that I'm just going to be home for the foreseeable future makes exercising pointless for me mentally. It will keep me relatively pain-free but I still hate waking up and exercising. At the worst, I take 2 hours to do routines that only require about 40 mins, which is often.

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I miss having crushes.

Why don't I have them anymore? Is that a side-effect of adulthood no-one ever told me about?

I still like people from time to time, but not in that visceral way I used to anymore.

I want that feeling back.

Am I the only one who has gotten older and more anxious? I really struggle to even like myself these days. I loved myself more when I was younger.

Cis women, especially privileged ones should unlearn the need to be desired.

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Men really love complaining that women never make the first move. I have matched with 7 dudes in a span of 2 weeks and 6 of them were quiet until I messaged them. What is this silent rebellion?

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