I'm crying with laughter here. Love it. ❤️

From a great thread about a lawyer who used AI to write their submission to the court.

@richard_merren - @maxkennerly They say that ChatGPT is going to take my job away, but it seems like there will be plenty of work available when the people using ChatGPT get fired.

#AI #ChatGPT

The author compares to the following of back in the day and says about GTd:

“I realized the problem was less about which system I used and more about me. If I don’t set time aside to stay organized, everything comes crashing down and I abandon my task manager.
I think PKM is in the early stages and is seen as a saviour, just like GTD was/is.”

I still use GTD. On paper. In a neon pink binder. Having physical constraints on what I’ve committed to is frustrating, but necessary.

“Very few of these creators are actually doing anything but taking notes on notes and selling you on how to use their system to take notes so you too can…take notes. At some point, you have very little value to add if you’re just talking about taking notes on notes.”


That at the end of the journey is this valley of productivity.

“Roam can be expensive. Not the tool itself — 7,50$/month is completely affordable. Rather all the stuff around Roam makes the sum.

A Roam course for the beginning? At least 50$.
Extra tools for Roam, like Text Expander, Readwise, or Neuracache? another 10$ per month!
Keeping up-to-date with courses and paid newsletters? The costs are piling up.”


I’m intrigued as to the level of belief that’s implicit in the paying for the tool and all these complicated learning curves.

@Atomicbutterfly As someone who has been watching this space for a while, I can say there are quite a few people trying to make it into a cult. Roam Research being the weird startup that helped jump start this whole PKM space spent the first year or so on Twitter talking about the Roam Cult and trying to convince people to join using this rhetoric

A rare meme that crossed geography and classics to produce: a dad joke? 😝

I woke up this morning and asked Google if PKM YouTube is a cult. My YouTube recs feel evangelical about the plugins needed and obsidian vs notion vs logseq

Obviously, it’s not. Despite the very vague benefits YouTube creators espouse on how it boosts their output (but only on using the tool they started to be productive and create?), and the super evangelical tones in one creators videos.

But I did find this little substack critique on how “optimising your PKM workflow” can be “avoidance + productivity theatre” than productively.


It's inevitable that throughout my career, I've watched as work gets replaced and updated by others. It's rare to be asked to redesign old work, which is why I leapt at the chance when @thunderbird asked if I could design a contemporary update to the Thunderbird logo. The one I designed 19 years ago!

I’ll do a proper blog post soon, but for now you can read more here:

I am a typical ADHDer tho, so will randomly switch to something else for writing. Right now it's obsidian, but I still put the ideas into my notion list and into the correct kanban stage.

I often forget how much of an older idea I already have outlined, or started. So having an overview -regardless of where I write.- is essential.

For any out there who need a way to stash and slowly outline their blog post ideas: I use a modified version of this (free) template


politics, abortion access, freedom of speech 

"Green washing" = making your project seem eco friendly
"Rainbow washing" = making your project seem queer friendly
"FLOSS washing" = making your project seem open source
is there a master list of these type of generalizations? @wikipedia help me out here!

"I now recognise Content when I see it. Content is boring. I don’t like writing it and I don’t like reading it. Trying to game the keywords in the AIOSEO plugin that came packaged with my WordPress install is annoying, and distracting and it isn’t creativity."


thewallflowerdigest.co.uk/life @alice_digest


Hi! I'm Latice, I discovered Mastodon after reading several articles about social media and personal branding on Medium.

It would be interesting to meet other #copywriters, #editors, #strategists, #bloggers, and creative people working in #tech, #advertising, #publishing, and #entertainment.

My expertise lies in digital advertising strategy, copywriting, and #design

Additionally, I create video game content.

Let's connect!

While they have framed it as about making bloggers who are paid to write on the topic declare that affiliation, at face value, it’s weird to limit it to anyone criticising and not to all political bloggers in Florida.

I say “weird”, but it’s calculated: the gop has sponsored online content for things as trivial as amber heard vs Jonny depp. We can assume they’re paying people to drum up anti trans panic too online.

They don’t want their game strategy revealed.

ICYMI, florida is proposing a law that requires in Florida who criticise the local government or officials individually to register with the state and be investigated for fines.

This is a big escalation of anti-freedom of speech laws previously passed to:

- corporations
- social media platforms
- schools

This is about saying individuals don’t have freedom of speech.

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