I guess I’ll just go out and smoke on my own cuz no one stand me anymore

why is sleeping only in panties+blankets so comfortable

hi is this where i apologize for filling people’s timelines with annoying egocentric toots

:nes_fire: STOP SCROLLING,, READ THIS :nes_fire:

eat you vegetables, drink water, take a shower, don’t skip meds, you’re a wonderful & very much LOVED HUMAN BEING so take care of your body&mental health

treat yo self :undertale:

my nails are too long so it sucks to type on my cellphone but theyre soo pretty

don’t forget by demi lovato is a masterpiece

can anyone add homohuman as a real word tkx

i’ve been pretty good at rolling up smokeable things lately thats nice

so you saying you’re :100_gay: ???? cuz i’m :8b_g: :8b_a: :8b_y: :8b_e: :8b_r:

(i just wanted to play w the emojis ok all gays should unite and become a super gay entity protecting each other)

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