things i have learned about my new cat

- fuckin LOVES the window
- will jump into your lap and purr unprompted
- but if you pet her too much you'll get love bites
- melts in your arms if you pick her up
- will do anything for salmon treats
- so.... soft.......

@dankwraith its important to listen to cats! they often leave clues before biting that they are reaching their threshold on being pet (swinging their tail a lot, or thwopping it down hard are common) so they'll bite less if you listen to them when they communicate

that said sometimes they just go straight to biting, so don't feel like you fucked up if they do, but if they learn you will listen to them they might do that less!

Enter discipleship

@anna @dankwraith My grandma's cat was a miserable thing. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was pet her! But she wanted nothing to do with me. So my dad taught me the signs (tail twitching, ears flicking, growling). Ever since, I've been super attentive to animal body language, and it's true! There are always warning signs.

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