seeing murders of crows is a bit menacing...but they're still all my friends

mourning dove.
i love seeing these guys on telephone wires and stuff. they make really nice coos

I've picked up a sketchbook again, and remembered that drawing is hard.
I won't pretend that I'm any good at it, but I enjoy it.
:utena: 🦢 :utena:

I'm nice to crows so they all tell each other I'm nice and keep an eye out for me and scream at men who bother me

y'all ever wanna be the aloof and mysterious town witch but actually end up the bumbling town fool??

or is that just me lol

My dreams are fading when I wake up, and all I have are little flashes of images. But I get the feeling that these are dreams I've had before... Someone must be trying to tell me something...

When another witch tells me about the strange curse they placed upon someone else:

"Weird hex, but okay."

Me, looking at Satanists: "Eh, whatever. Not really my thing."
Fundies: *talking shit about Satanists*
Me: "Excuse you, I'll have you know that Satan is the Christian Prometheus. A symbol of knowledge in the face of oppression. You see, in the Old Testa

Always adapt your rituals for yourself. You can use pre-made stuff as a guide, but don’t follow it like rules. The more it’s coming from inside you, the more powerful your magick will be.

i know what i can find behind your bookcase

@wormpatrol The new moon is the perfect time to get some less-than-savory work done, since Luna isn't watching. Not that I would actually recommend curses or the like, but I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life.

i think a common fear among new witches or witches without easy access to reliable sources or teachers is that the things we practice or do aren’t worth sharing bc they aren’t backed up by solid knowledge and that’s the worst thing ever! so much of wc is instinct and what things mean to you and honestly those are the best things to share! we know what the basics but what did you start doing for no reason? what is an extra step u put in there and why? a small habit u formed bc it felt right?

"We hear her voice in the pounding of our own pulse, in the cry of the raven, and in the wild wind.

— Morgan Daimler, “The Morrigan, Meeting the Great Queens”

If I could be a cryptid, I would love to be a kelpie. Free from the bonds of capitalism to wander the Scottish waters 👌

in fact, i recommend adapting spells and rituals with your *own* associations.

say a spell calls for sage, for cleansing.

say you’re like me and the smell of sage gives you a headache, it might mean pain to you more than cleansing. however, if you’ve always used mint toothpaste, you’d definitely associate mint with cleaning. so, replace sage with mint, and carry on.

this will give you a stronger effect, because it’s your personal experiences that shape it instead of someone else’s.

anyways substituting in a spell or ritual is a useful tool when used in moderation, and you will have equal results by just leaving the ingredient out.

ingredients help focus your intent and energy on your target, so the same results can be achieved with less energy. this is why associations are important, specifically personal associations over standardized ones.

if you substitute nearly everything, your intent and energy won’t be more focused at all, and your results will be poorer for it.

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