Do you ever miss someone you haven't met yet because you've already allocated a space for them in your heart?

Me flirting: so, do you like tardigrades?

Update we flirted and she called me pretty and I am gayyyyy

The idea for what to call a creature with twelve breasts comes to mind almost immediately, doesn't it?

Like, I don't STOP crushing on awesome, clever, vibrant women just because I'm polysaturated. It just gets less convenient.

So there's this girl and she was talking about how a bunch of words just ultimately mean "shaped like a lentil" so I was like "it's beans all the way down" and she's like "yes the universe is built on a leguminous firmament" and damn it I have enough wives already what do I do

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I'm mostly just sad about losing my follow list. I can't remember the names and instances of all the people I was following and would follow again.

So my main got eaten by some kind of server problems? Or something?

It's odd. If you'd told me 2 years ago that I'd be channeling an ancient Celtic goddess to tell a friend how to live his life, and that I'd be really excited about it, I would definitely not have believed you.

It's always nice when you do spellwork and it has a strong and undeniable effect. I asked for a 13% raise (not expecting to get that much), did a spell, and got a 15.6% raise instead.

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"it *is* possible to 'comb a hairy doughnut flat'" - wikipedia

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I got a raise! A big raise that actually covers what I need it to cover!
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speaking as a trans woman, <screams for approximately an hour>

Whoa there are like... *people* on this instance

Hi I guess the instance I was on exploded or something? So now I'm here. Seems nice.

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