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i can't wait to be locked out of shitposting again by that fucking jorts elk

Betelgeuse just emitted a burst of gravitational waves, accompanied by a dramatic shift in brightness, pointing to an impending supernova. Due to its proximity to Earth, Betelgeuse’s death will be so bright it will cast shadows at night.

@anna gay problems: I have depression, I don't like my body, I feel lonely

cishet problems: this shit

from the "the hets are not OK" files

cn: homophobia. really, really, really fucked up homophobia.

but more importantly: licensing your software under a 'fuck big corps' license is a lot easier than spending actual effort in making your software good or quality and saying no to features that discriminate against people

my pet theory that i literally made up just now for this is that developers never see themselves as the problem and creating injustice in the world by how they design their programs, it's only others who do bad with their software that create injustice

like there's a ton of licenses talking about how the software musn't be used for things like or things like fossil fuels, nuclear power (uh?), forest burning (ok fuck firefighters i guess), all these things that will obviously not have an actual impact outside making the author feel good- but any clauses that would have an impact on the software itself and protect or empower users are nowhere to be seen

isn't it STRANGE how all the 'post-open source' licenses only put restrictions on users and distributors, but nothing on developers? like i haven't seen a license that says 'this software must be fully accessible by those with disabilities' or 'this software must not include tracking code'

more information:

He did everything he could think to do to verify UNNJ, which offered a rare chance to start working for academic credit from day one. He went to the Department of Homeland Security's website to make sure the school was approved; he checked to see if it was accredited, which it was; he made sure the school's website was reliable, with a domain name that ended in ".edu," and that it had a campus. He checked the UNNJ Facebook page and saw photos of smiling students.

"Every source that could have checked out did," he said in an interview.

wait wait wait what the fuck

the deparment of homeland security once set up an EXTREMELY elaborate fake """pay to stay""" university to entrap immigrants, going so far as to send out recruiters and shit

like... i.... wait what the actual fuck?

:_witchhat: is a living project to build a better, healthier social network that is centered on the needs and safety of marginalized people by being about setting and respecting healthy boundaries, and encouraging if not requiring conflict to be deescalated first and resolved if at all possible.

:polymerwitch: please always remember to be kind to yourself and to others in your marginalized family. when you encounter people you do not like or get along with, set clear boundaries then resume focus on the positive relationships you have with people close to you.

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