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sorry to anyone on

as much as in general the fediverse could stand to dial it down a few notches with eating instance admins alive, no quarter no apologea for anything related to the nazi genital wart wizard game. anyone who buys or intentionally promotes that shit should be relentlessly bullied

this is why fediblock is a shit system. because it's rife for abuse by people with personal axes to grind who will intentionally misrepresent facts so they can silence people who upset them.

If trans people oppose bathroom bills by using bathrooms illegally is that a shit-in?

JK Rowling has explicitly said, multiple times, that people continuing to buy Harry Potter stuff is proof that they agree with her transphobia

Stop giving this bigot money

@anna I might pirate it but there’s no way in hell I’m giving them my money.

i keep hearing about how its ok people buy games from the rapists at activision/blizzard/king and just let people enjoy things or whatever but there's not really an excuse to not know the score with #HogwartsLegacy. if you buy this game you are a bad person. if you don't know by this point what an awful bigot jk rowling is or that her dogshit selling validates her terrible views, you don't have enough queer friends.

and uwu reactionary fucks have poisoned the well on even talking about the rampant anti-semitism in this game that was made by a literal fascist and unapologetic gamergater, but let's not forget that its horrifically antisemitic as well

such a pile of shit i didn't even bother to spell it correctly the first time

anyone who buys #HogwartsLegacy deserves to be shamed and relentlessly bullied, no exceptions

Hi, hello! 👋🏾 I'm new here and excited to meet some new people who love anything magical, including witches, as much as I do! I'm also a PC Gamer who prefers the following game genres: #RPGs #MMORPGs #ARPGs #MultiplayerFPS #Simulation #Horror #LifeSimulation #Survival #SurvivalHorror Anything that involves crafting or building. I"m excited to be here, and I hope I form some lasting friendships! #intoduction #new #Gamer #newkidontheblock #NKOTB #WomenWhoGame #GamerGirls #MomsWhoGame

im taking a permanent break from mental health to focus on social media

Yeah no I'm sure it's just PURELY a coincidence that the 3 instances everyone is sure are fascist/bad now are: JortsHorse, Kolektiva, and Discordia, which all happen to be queer leftist spaces full of socialist shitposters.

Just randomly shook out that way, right?

Fuck off.

like how fucked up is it that "the US government tried to pass off political assassinations as vampire attacks" isn't something I'm allowed to giggle about because they actually did it

Here's an updated I am very happy to be off Twitter!

I am both a & (HOGD) I have an practice, working directly with elemental forces and the planetary consciousness. I founded in 2000 as a reaching vehicle, and it has on several occasions, been a full working temple. I now run a small coven called Priesthood of the Sacred Earth, working a system of

I practice many forms of -

I sell & have been a professional since I was 15. (Piano/Guitar/Bass)

Love to cook, read, crochet!


everyone excited for this year to finally be the year of #linux on the desktop?

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A witchy space for most any face! Whether a witch or a witch-respecter, join the coven that is free of fash, TERFs, feds, and bigots