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Notified Experian on Dec. 23 that their site was allowing anyone to see the credit report for, well, basically anyone, completely bypassing their lame 4-5 multiple guess questions and other security.

Or even in cases (like mine) where trying to get your credit report generates an error saying you have 3 other options for getting your free report from them (calling, mailing, or chat w/ rep). The site said Experian didn't have enough info to validate my identity, but when I changed the url slightly, it showed me my entire report. Glad I checked, too, because the info in there is so completely wrong I don't even know where to start.

So it's Dec. 27, and I still haven't heard anything from Experian.

It's bad enough that we can't stop companies like from making $2B a quarter collecting and selling our info, but this has to stop. Experian has show this year especially that it gives exactly zero fscks about securing access to the data that drives its entire business. has deleted our mirror bot for the foxes in love webcomic.

the bot had been inactive for a few weeks due to technical issues, but deletion of the account for no other reason then a disqordia user being the maintainer is the move of a petty tyrant.

Do not trust your bots to, lest your account be purged for associating with the Bad tranfeminine person of the week


❄️ you know what will keep your face nice and warm if you go out in public during the deep cold? a goddamn n95 mask

you're much more susceptible to disease when cold air like this can kill first-line immune cells in your nasal tissue. there's a reason covid deaths always spike in the winter. pretend it's 2020 and you still give a fuck please

autoimmune rage :akko_comeatme:

well it takes the backup from 34 gb to 9.7 gb so let's hope that works, someone remind me tomorrow to check on it if i don't update lol

In the spirit of Festivus, I'd like to share two numbers that loom over my life:
1. $10,000, the amount that social security thinks that I can survive on for a year
2. $8,000, the amount that drug companies are allowed to charge for IgG therapy... MONTHLY

Neither of these numbers reflects well on how we treat the disabled

you can tell im nervous about that because i ended two sentences with lol i na row

testing gzipping the backup since that will probably reduce size by quite a lot but just doing it manually on last night's is taking a while lol. though the backup runs at the least busy time so it probably wouldn't matter. just always nervous about adding points of failure to a backup lol

well thats a lovely yule gift, wasabi (the image/media storage service) bill is way lower after deleting all those old nightly backups lol

EVERYONE ON MASTODON: Hello! I'm Dr. Whitney Appleby, a molecular biologist working on new ways to beat the Pacific Garbage Patch! In my spare time I love reading, hanggliding and playing with my cat. I'm also starting to weave-

ME: *shoving past them* yeah sure where are the dipshits? where are the real assholes around here. perverts, you got any perverts?

Something i learned early in life is that you can easily stand around in corners and out of the way or dark passages like a background ghost from Haunting of Hill House and no one will notice you. It's like humans are just T-Rex from Jurassic Park and everyone can be Alan Grant in a Jeep if they try.

This is not a chart depicting Moore’s Law.

This chart is the CRAYOLA COROLLARY showing that the number of Crayola crayon colors doubles approximately every 18 years.

@anna give me that 50% humidity….air so thick and hot, you could swim through it!!!

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