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imagine if u will... disney princesses... but they're all fucked up thank u thank u i am gen x's most insightful artist please read my zine CUBICLEFUCK

i'm so excited for dark moon tomorrow!!! i'm going to get pomegranate juice and work with chthonic deities :ablobcatrave:

alright looks like things are largely working, i rebuilt the home feeds but if any of y'all see fucky home feeds ("the cauldron") hmu

also my discord's invite link is in the pins. its mostly my personal discord with a delightful bunch of seasonably irony poisoned lefties, and it may or may not be your cup of tea, but if you ever need to get ahold of me for issues with w.l it is the best way to contact me

looks like the default/timeline queue finally caught up, but the pull queue is still lagging quite a bit. i think this is why the main feed isn't working (at least not for me). currently it is 2 hours behind

woo woo default queue down to 2 hours, pull queue down to 4 hours behind. SOON. i wonder if anyone's main feed is working, mine sure isn't lmao

hello! i don't know when this will go through but looks like sidekiq died for like. almost two weeks lol. churning through the backlog but it will take quite some time

The AI meme generator has started feeding me subtle pro-computer propaganda

i got a ryzen 3950X and this thing can fail to compile chromium SO fast its amazing

Hi everyone! I'm Inure!! I'm kind of a beginner witch and I'm v excited to b here. I use it/its pronouns and I'm 21! Situated in the UK.

day 35 of quarantine. finally, at last, we're at the stage of alternating between between sports bras and loose crop tops exclusively. pandemic apocalypse sucks but at least some dreams can come true.

day 32 of quarantine. found out that obama and biden openly admitted to threatening bernie with holding more elections go genocide americans if he didn't drop out. bernie, huge coward that he is, endorsed this shit instead of being like "ok im dropping out because these assholes want to genocide people". inconsolably angry. went and beat the shit out of some weeds in the back yard with a softball bat.

ooh a spam registration for a place to get finasteride, which for the unintiated, is an alternative to spiro and androgen blocker

finally something targeted toward this mastodon instance :blobcatsip: :witchywink2:

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