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ooh a spam registration for a place to get finasteride, which for the unintiated, is an alternative to spiro and androgen blocker

finally something targeted toward this mastodon instance :blobcatsip: :witchywink2:

whoops sorry about that i dont know why letsencrypt didnt' work this time but its fixed

@wildandcelestial welcome! you'd be hard pressed to find someone who ISN'T a bat fan around these parts! :witchyfly: 🦇

update to gloria la riva endorsement: i love her but also people are really into that howie hawkins dude from the green party and he also whips ass and being part of getting the greens to 5% and replacing the crystal karens with real leftism would own bones actually, so i think that would be a cool thing to do if it starts being a thing!

day 27 of quarantine, realized i might very well hit a point sometime this summer where i dont wear a bra for an entire month without ever explicitly choosing whether or not to wear one

Gloria La Riva 2020! It's time we had a woman in the white house!

day 25 of quarantine. i have hit new levels of stir crazy i didnt know were possible, as the oustside hope that stuck inside people would have some time to realize that a certain bernard sanders has been doing something about the pandemic and a certain senile rapist has been podcasting about fig newtons, but as the dnc couldn't even abide just winning and threatened to kill millions of new yorkers, even bernie sanders' mostly covid-19-centered relief campaign is stopping. and existential stir craziness is a real fucking bitch.

and in related news, now endorses gloria la riva for president in 2020. it's time for a woman in the white house!

i know that a lot of you are going to feel pressure to "vote blue no matter who" for a certain senile rapist who is the presumptive nominee.

please remember that if you cave and vote for biden you are saying that the dems have to make 0 concessions to get the left to vote for them. they can literally put in a senile rapist who was part of the administration that started the worst things trump did such as deportating, dronings, awful private profit-centered "health care", and move left on NOTHING. that it's ok to just keep getting trumps and blue trumps forever until we all die (of climate change in about 10 years at this rate)

please don't vote for biden

tried using that awful "zoom" thing using the linux app last night and it sucks ass, like it just kind of chokes on trying to initialize some ALSA device badly (what year is it again) and won't connect to any conferences

"Maduro is on mastodon dot social" is not something I expected to see wow :PogChamp:

Amazing to see the people who are known un-ironically as "the anime nazis" moralizing about Maduro being on Mastodon, lmao.

since the fedi thinks we're a bunch of crystal karens anyway may as well feed into it by posting this to catch people who don't read anything :blobcatsip:

morning of day 23. day 22 was a bit much, after buying just dance 2020 and moving the furniture to do one song, a wild series of events goes from "finally getting around to cleaning the back room" that led to a hot top that costco had toilet paper to going to costco mask/glove'd up and spending like $400 since we were there, but we missed the toilet paper by like an hour

but the seal is now broken, i have just dance 2020 and we did indeed find the rock band mic in the back room and dusted off my old copy of rock band 4 rivals

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