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"Maduro is on mastodon dot social" is not something I expected to see wow :PogChamp:

Amazing to see the people who are known un-ironically as "the anime nazis" moralizing about Maduro being on Mastodon, lmao.

since the fedi thinks we're a bunch of crystal karens anyway may as well feed into it by posting this to catch people who don't read anything :blobcatsip:

morning of day 23. day 22 was a bit much, after buying just dance 2020 and moving the furniture to do one song, a wild series of events goes from "finally getting around to cleaning the back room" that led to a hot top that costco had toilet paper to going to costco mask/glove'd up and spending like $400 since we were there, but we missed the toilet paper by like an hour

but the seal is now broken, i have just dance 2020 and we did indeed find the rock band mic in the back room and dusted off my old copy of rock band 4 rivals

@anna damn, and i thought my kids and i were getting wild and crazy just because we were having an enthusiastic family discussion to come up with as many gay 'ships as we could between Naruto characters.

day 19 of quarantine. im entertained by the memes in a facebook group. i wish this were me

though maybe i'll remember to restart the mastodon service so the full moon stuff works whenever that kicks in lol

and to be clear, this isn't some technicality. i love a good goof and/or spoof but april 1 is for amateurs, especially during a global pandemic

PSA: not going to do anything goofy for april 1, so please do not worry

also weird it's a huge conspiracy with the government hiding they want to kill 4,000 people in the "cordon" here in reality they're like openly killing millions to rig primaries and make number go up and it's like :blobcatgooglyshrug:

day 16 of quarantine. was up too late on day 15 finishing the #ffxiv 5.2 story. it was really good. vegging out on more containment. its striking me how things like social distancing are played off as weird and dramatic. like that's just how things are it's not weird anymore.

2018: I'm miserable. I wish my life were more interesting.

2020: COVID-19 has locked us inside. I'm a witch now. A metaphysical stag is keeping tabs on me. I've learned how to play Sudoku

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