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finally found my diety, it is our dark lady and boomer remover, the novel coronavirus that escaped the (probably cia) lab and is now destroying capitalism and giving boomers the misery and death they seek to inflict on those of us inheriting a world they are trying to strangle to death :blobhappy:


that said, bernie isn't totally out, if you have any time to call or text for him, don't give up yet. while it is improbable bernie will win a game rigged against him, the air is practically electric with Weird Shit. we must be in a position to seize opportunities, however improbable, and we need to start building working class consciousness in the us. none of this was ever just about an election. get to know your neighbors and other people who are activated and ready to help bernie along with you.

@anna starting to think this might not be incompetence

i will never cease to be amazed at the incredible ability of the democratic establishment to churn out absolute ghouls that are indistinguishable from republicans. but by god they managed to, using a lot of tricks and throwing everything they had and incredible billionare-class solidarity, nominate a guy that is indistinguishable from trump. absolutely incredible.

@anna every day is leg day if you manage to get out of bed

update: at least i still had a bikini top in there or id be even more miserable

i fucking forgot to pack a sports bra for gym today this SUCKS

looks like the establishment wants to do this the hard way. very well. we shall resume on the morrow.

if you have some free time today, check the BERN app for things you can do to help stay the apocalypse! go canvassing and get out the vote in super tuesday states, or call/text for bernie!

yo if you're in a super tuesday state, go vote for bernie sanders

if you're in CA, MAKE SURE IT SAYS BERNIE SANDERS ON YOUR BALLOT. if it does not, writeins or whatever won't count. go to any voting center in your county to vote, and request a crossover ballot.

Hey all, there is a new bot, @followbot that seems to be part of an attempt to make a searchable fediverse index. Put #nobot in your profile and do not let this or similar others follow you if you do not want to be part of that. I have no further information on who runs this, and if we just block it at an instance level it could still see anything, so please check it.

To those not aware, @anna, our the big witch of the coven, is currently looking to summon the forbidden muscle, so expect soon enough for her to crush some chuds with just her biceps.

also #yanggang i love you let's play video games and vote for bernie

also if for some reason anyone's worried about my less frequent posting as of late, don't. it's this, and that the fediverse sucks ass for talking about politic's on, which isn't a bad thing, but i gotta do my sanders sis thing. i'm still around. watching. (especially you, you know what you did)

vote for bernard "bernie" sanders for president of the united states of america btw

lifting, playing racketball w/ coworker every week, joining the roller derby, realizing there's like no time left for sambo which I want to do...

chat, I've turned into a jock witch

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