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A 2 point lead with only 62% precincts reported is not a win!!

The sad thing is it took them a whole day to figure out this most pitiful ratfuckery.

You may as well unfollow and ignore me now because if the Pete Totally Wins!* narrative takes hold after only 62% of the votes reported I will never fucking ever let that shit go. This will be the pettiest account of all time. People will have to set an auto-block on the term “Mayor Cheat”

@anna they're going to learn you can't burn the bern

me, 1996, parroting my conservative parents: clinton news network
me, 2020, describing material conditions: clinton news network

please, for the love of goddess, let #MayorCheat catch on and please let this tank buttchug's campaign 🙏 :cauldron: :pentagram:

pete buttchug's campaign declared victory and ap picked up on it

mayo pete's campaign paid for the reporting app btw

oh my god. i knew the dnc was going to pull out every stop to ratfuck bernie. this is incredible :OMEGALUL:

just, lollin and lamoin that yang is doing better in iowa than biden

Serious question: Do neoliberals enjoy their lives? Do they enjoy standing in the way of real progress?

i then spent pretty much the entire rest of the weekend playing neverwinter uprising or whatever you call the current d&d mmo thing, because it is really fun. i am Mom Expert the half-orc barbarian

i only was reminded of the super bowl even being a thing because i had like 5 minutes of cardio warmup on saturday and it was on the tvs by the ellipticals, then promptly forgot it because all my brain cells became dumb after smashing all my squat and romanian deadlift records

@anna some people take Chargin' Chuck cosplay very seriously

i seem to have learned the winner of the super bowl the next day from a discord for a private server about an old diablo clone's port to gamecube

Heya everybody, just know that we are here for you all and we will always try to make here a good place for you all feel safe and respected.

Always remember to have fun and be safe.

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