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@anna crack open a tower beverage and WATCH BUSH START A FUCKING WAR.

@anna wake me up when there's a Dorner energy drink

in 2020 we close all our social media accounts and talk to each other on here instead

i wonder if any of the proceeds go to paying victims' families that congress keeps punting around and using as a political tool

lmao there's a new 9/11 beverage coming out called "tower beverage" let's think of some good slogans, i'll start

"jet fuel can't quench ur thirst, but tower beverage can!"

"so good you'll want to hit the second tower beverage right after the first!"

"yeah but people are lazy and don't want to work unless we threaten them" — this myth originates from shitty employers, whom nobody wants to work for

any economic system that assumes most people don't intrinsically want to do meaningful work is empirically false and should not be taken seriously

remove *employment* from the list of things you need to survive, and you'll see a lot more *work* get done

the same goes for any actual post-capitalist economy, as well: work is not the same thing as employment. there is plenty of work that never gets done because nobody's employing people to do it

i'm not gung-ho about UBI anymore, but i will say this: you will not understand UBI until you understand the difference between work and employment

However, that this has only gotten worse since August, and trying to deescalate has led to even more harassment, it is crystal clear that the only interest from some parties is in seeing me literally dead and attempting to impress others in The Discourse by being increasingly hyperbolic in rumors and attacks.

The bulk of this harassment has come from three instances: cryptids, playvicious, and myasstodon. We no longer consent to federation with these instances, and since instance blocks work poorly if they are not mutual, we expect defederation in return if it has not already happened. In several hours, evening pacific time, we will enact them on our end.

Since August 2019 when an incident went down where I misdirected frusuration with not being rapidly notified of a racist tirade originating from this instance, and despite taking extensive preventive action to avoid repeating the mistake and multiple apologies, myself and members of this instance have been relentlessly harassed.

I have been hoping for some time that some interest would be shown in deescalation, as a core tenant of this instance is that marginalized people should avoid attacking each other and set and respect healthy boundaries whenever possible. To do this, we needed to keep lines of communication open.

@Das_Milkhaus @anna @NekoAmps Like, in Brazil we only use Ñ for spanish words introduced after the 80s as it was the norm to just change Ñ to NH, as they where the same exact sound in portuguese but NH is the native speaker version of this writting.

It Also ignore fucking Castelian and most native mixxed dialects from Latin America have completely different ways of deffining what becomes N, Ñ and NH when addapted into each other's language.

It is just some outsider bullshit to see Ñ as "a latin american thing" when it is literally from european spanish and Latin America is extremely inconsistent on how it is used because of our languages being mixxed.

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