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@anna crack open a tower beverage and WATCH BUSH START A FUCKING WAR.

@anna “Remember 9/11 Tower Beverage” and the alternative variant “Never Forget 9/11 Tower Beverage”
@anna “9/11 tower beverage - quench thirst not fear”

in 2020 we close all our social media accounts and talk to each other on here instead

@petulant @anna delicious 9/11 soda never forget now let's wage a war that'll destabilize an entire region for decades to come in the name of freedom fries and american flag sweatpants.

i wonder if any of the proceeds go to paying victims' families that congress keeps punting around and using as a political tool

lmao there's a new 9/11 beverage coming out called "tower beverage" let's think of some good slogans, i'll start

"jet fuel can't quench ur thirst, but tower beverage can!"

"so good you'll want to hit the second tower beverage right after the first!"

"yeah but people are lazy and don't want to work unless we threaten them" — this myth originates from shitty employers, whom nobody wants to work for

any economic system that assumes most people don't intrinsically want to do meaningful work is empirically false and should not be taken seriously

remove *employment* from the list of things you need to survive, and you'll see a lot more *work* get done

the same goes for any actual post-capitalist economy, as well: work is not the same thing as employment. there is plenty of work that never gets done because nobody's employing people to do it

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